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  • sydneylocks sydneylocks Jun 23, 2013 10:26 AM Flag


    read up on him, realistically seems like he made the best choice of a bunch of bad options. windows IS finally gaining traction...he might well be the best ceo by end of this year. nokia is becoming viable 3rd alternative. apple will die with jobs, and android will die with chrome

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    • Elop destroyed 65% of the company value in only 3 years.

      he's tied an industrial giants' future to a single OS with less than 5% marketshare.

      he prematurely killed Symbian (cash machine) while there was still strong EM demand.

      Then Microsoft screwed over Nokia after making that commitment by making WP7 obsolete so that Nokia would have to writeoff most of their inventory to the tune of $500 million in losses.

      This experiment has been a total disaster in every way possible. There is not one metric one could point to that shows it was a good outcome after 3 years.

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      • You exemplify what an idiot is. Please explain exactly how ELOP destroyed the stock price of $227.00 per share on Apr 7, 2000? That destruction of the share price occurred long before Elop was in the picture, what you call as someone a destroying the company is in fact probably the saviour of Nokia from going out of business. Extreme damage to Nokia was done in the years preceeding Elop. Stick with an OS that was losing market share, you need someone with the balls to step up and say "Time for a game change", Nokia has been at the mercy of Microsoft with the state of the OS, it was what is was and you dont dwell on the past. W8 is here now and that is what is coming out on the phones.

        Please explain how Elop destroyed the stock price when it hit a high of $227/share on Apr 7, 2000?

      • Either you lost your job or you invested in Nokia at the top and didnt buy on the way down ....... Bad investor. Elop inherited a mess and has done what was necessary. By dumping Symbian he made Nokia THE WINDOWS PHONE COMPANY - and the attention and marketing he has gotten from it is priceless. Elop CEO of the year!

    • Elop will become known as the greatest CEO Nokia had in its history, lets hope Elop is kept happy by Nokia when it becomes real obvious, suspect Elop will be in high demand as a potential CEO for any company in mobile technology. The talent and skills to turn a global company around that had the problems that Nokia had and turn it into a healthy and profitable company on a global scale into today's global business environment, just my opinion, he's moving up in the rankings on an international scale.

    • I agree. The other day I tried using Chrome. I was surprised to find that it does not have the simple feature of 'clear history upon exit'. Apple does not support Adobe flash player and I cannot watch some live broadcasts on IPAD. Back to PC and explorer.

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