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  • ineedastock ineedastock Jun 25, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    You guys saying Nokia is parting from Microsoft Answer these questions please

    A. Microsoft does not have to do anything at all. They have a current contract with several years left.
    B.I just checked and Microsoft does not have any Surface Phones approved by US Gov. to sell. So they are going to part from Nokia who has risen to 87% of sales. They will go with the other jabronies to sell 13 % of their current sales. That would exceed the cost of business and making them.
    C.They have overseas money that would cost them too much to bring back. Why would they not use it.
    D. Do you really think they are going to throw in the towel on Wed. and say we will have another option soon.

    Seriously they have to give them money, buy them is some manner. Not to mentions that XBOX ONE needs NSN to run without stopping back and forth and look correct

    How does any of the make sense?

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    • Nokia and Microsoft have a win-win contract and relationship,very synergistic cooperation,works for both.No need to change.In my opinion,the reason microsoft has considered buying Nokia is:

      1-Nokia does not want to let go its share of NSN and wanted to raise the cash and might considered selling the device unit to microsoft.Microsoft might have considered and they could not agree on valuation for now at least.In my opinion,if microsoft ever considers jumping into the smartphone foray,It will buy Nokia device unit.The infrastructure is there and only needs additional cash infusion or investment into the kind of product microsoft might see its liking but nobody can make better smartphone than Nokia,nobody....

      2-Nokia might have been approached by other companies most likely a chinese and was intrigued by the offer and approached Microsoft with a buy consideration.The board of directors meeting today I believe are to decide or discuss options about NSN.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think Huewai may have tender an offer! If it better then Microsoft's and is reasonable; Nokia BOD might say yes. Huewai may just dump WP and go with Nokia's know how and do Android. Since Microsoft already does hardware; they just expand into smartphones. Microsoft Ballmer and Nokia Elop are not to friendly anymore either. I can see why! Ballmer seems to have let Elop down without any way to make Nokia better or it shareholders. Huewai views Nokia as a great opportunity. Microsoft views Nokia as a dog!

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      • Ballmer & Elop not friendly really? I do not think that is true. I also do not think Huawei had any intention, they want publicity. Look at Huwaei's Market cap and look at Nokias. Also what phone is better than the Nokia Lumia 928? Do not say S4. That pen does not work correctly. It is a novelty and is just an app anyway. Just get a pen and an app with any phone. Seriously, what camera is better than the 928? What is better than Nokia's pipeline? It is silly to think Microsoft is walking away. It is actually stupid. I can see a dumb axs reporter that does not know anything about their pipeline. However, everyone on this board should know it is ridiculous to think Microsoft is going anywhere. Ludicrous.

    • I agree with the viewpoints

      Meet and Nokia needs each other more than ever. To me it is simply crazy for either of them to seriously talk about lasting ways now just as when the fruits of their very very long joint labors is beginning to bear fruit. It is no secret that Lumia is successful because of Nokia brand name in India. This also applies to the other other critical markets like EU.

      I know there is another pro Nokia but not pro msft camp here , it seems their focus maybe on the other smartphone Asha platfom, for me though the solution for that is let it be a joint internal Nokia dual line competition. Let both of them go out and see who can develop better. If Asha division wants to go mid range, let them. Yes even if they want to go droids,. I for one believe in the 520. So many analyst in the industry are waking up to the fact that , save for the lack of apps, which can be resolved by just booting up the 520 sales, WP actually makes simple hardware work like top of the line, unlike droids.

    • HTC is sitting in the wing waiting to be bought by Softy and their head offices are with a 20 minute drive. Softy can and is hard nosing Nokia with this simple fact. Does Nokia have another offer - nope. Will they buckle under and take Softy's low offer - likely not.

      So it's a game of poker face right now. Elop needs to step out of the shadows and say something to show they will be going strong with mobile and maybe hint at a possible android option so Softy comes back to the table with a decent offer. Nokia must realize they have an awesome hardware platform and are only limited by the not very friendly ,or ready, Windows OS. Time for them to play hard to get. Q2 will be the writing on the wall.

      Since Elop did not warn early about poor results - it should come in line or squeak up to better than expected earnings.

    • thermonuke Jun 25, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      E. Now that we know of at least 2 parties interested in Devices AND we know Nokia is open to discussions about selling Devices, a forced revaluation conversation is happening now and we are in a hostile takeover environment. If Nokia crushed the Q2 it's a certainty.

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