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  • thermonuke Jun 25, 2013 7:03 PM Flag


    True story, it's still right where they left it.

    I can't wait until until Nokia realizes its destiny in global wireless communications dominance trading $20+ yielding 5%.

    GS says NSN is worth $2/sh of NOK with a 1x multiplier
    Nokia Group has almost $2/sh in free cash

    That's $4/sh. Problem is Nokia has been losing money and writing down a lot. Sell Devices to MSFT for $X and suddenly we have that $4 stock price plus $X, to be immediately revaluated as a profitable and growing 51% owner of NSN. Then it buys NSN from Siemens and launches the share buyback.

    2 weeks ago Siemens asked BX to valuate any PE interest. A wek later, MSFT bails on Nokia's Devices segment due to price. Methinks Siemens asks too much from Nokia for NSN.

    If you think this hasn't been in discussion for months at least, you're crazy.


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    • The Deal is Happening
      BE (before elop) m$ft (some reports say with GS) comes in & goes over the books
      elop who has no qualifications (knows how to trash & sell companies) comes in as CEO, a then m$ft exec
      elop destroys $4 of book values & 60% of stock value, kills a OS that is increasing market share w/burning platform, endorse secret m$ft deal (exec that negotiated now gone) & sells a number of patent families to mult trolls w/m$ft also involved/signing the deal
      Billions are spent re-organizing (Gates, 10 years ago said if m$ft ever manufactured devices it would be in Vietnam), updating HERE into Bing, adapting pureview into WP (apparently very difficult/expensive)
      & here we sit, magically priced with less then net cash/NSN & nothing for HERE/Devices or the patents that support them
      NOK (51% control) has fired key Sieman execs from NSN, making them want out. (49% of a partnership sucks, by the way)
      doesn't take a lot of brains to figure out what's happening
      doesn't matter 'what would be the next best move', everything has already been decided, long time ago
      only question for us is, HOW MUCH for HERE/Devices & related patents
      anything less then $25B will be one of the greatest thefts in history (shareholders cost was $75B)
      that cash, 100% of NSN should put NOK at $10+ & a very good chance to double/triple in 3 years

    • tracey563 Jun 26, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

      this isnt going to happen,its why the stock keeps going up and than fails,this will still get to 5 by years end,heres the other news fresh of cnbc new buisiness spending slowed yet again.

    • Not exactly S wants out of NSN and is getting out. Something has to happen. It is not just an option to do nothing. Somewhere in this big puzzle someone has to do something. Also, Microsoft has advised developers of the one eco system and an end to end solution. That includes all equipment, software, technology, servicing and help that a business or Gov could want. It will all be one OS Windows 8 and everything will be stored in the cloud via Oracle in a secure solution and the business can access it from anywhere, any time and on any device including a phone. The Nokia ability to wipe a phone out remotely fits the need and the ability to track the phones on a here map in real time with the highest accuracy out there currently is a major plus. They can use this on the Police vehicles to see where they are or a business can find out where his employees really are. I am fairly sure they could sell this system to US Customs who currently use Apple. The ability to track a bogy is about 100 times more accurate than Apple. Say a smugglers Vehicle is coming under the bridge from the Canuk side into US. You can say well the boat is in this area and is heading to this area. The Nokia GPS Tracking is more accurate than the others. It is a fact. Even if you are using it personally to track your vehicle for directions you can see what I mean. I really do not think there is anyway Microsoft lets Nokia get away unless there is some personal disgruntled attitude that is on a kill mission. If no one get's personal, than Microsoft cannot resist. Nokia is just better on all levels and I have tested this stuff. I am not just a pumper, I tested and use the GPS and would not say it if it was not true. I would just go over to Apple and tout their shet.

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