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  • zutko118 zutko118 Jun 28, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    MY OUTRAGE !!!

    This is unbelievable what is going on today in NY. Is this a joke ? No, it’s an OUTRAGE ! It’s an option expiration day. There is no better trading day to see how rigged and manipulated this whole process is then on option exp. day. What are our chances ?.

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    • Have we became so cynical, that it doesn't bother us any more. Everybody knows about those practices, considers them as if normal, almost natural and acceptable. How come that it bothers only few of us. If so, then, we deserve to be kicked around and taken advantage to the max.

    • Hold on a second. Nokia ran up to over $4 recently on NOTHING but rumors based on a failed partial buyout by Microsoft. Now it's falling back to where it was before this NOTHING event happened. Why is that so shocking?? 

    • Yes, i am shocked and appalled.
      and offended.
      and outraged.
      why do i let other people wind me up like a spring toy?

    • Many Fund managers selloff the entire sector when one large company in that sector performs badly. In some cases that works because it may signal a slowdown in the sector, but in this case Blackberry is so late to the party and their products are inferior. I believe it shows that BBRY is in trouble and that other companies are taking their market share i.e. Nokia.

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      • I agree Mark. Fund managers don't ever know that much about their individual stocks, so they default to exiting a sector when one company in the sector breaks down, like BBRY. Look at how little Cramer actually really knows about the stocks he talks about, for example. I did investor relations for quite a while and was always intrigued by how little real analysis was done.

        This I why I don't own many stocks, never have. It works much better for outsized returns. I own large positions in a few and know everything I possibly can about them so on days like this I am a buyer not a seller. For the individual investor, I believe this is our biggest advantage. Don't diversify your stock portfolio, rather do far more research on individual stocks you intend to own. I am more confident in NOK, the more I learn. Much more. I am increasing my position on a regular basis as a result.

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      • Notice that it takes place on almost every option exp day.

    • Is this surprising? Didn't I read that 80% of options expire and are of no worth? Options = Manipulation = Stay Away

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