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  • nicoboy2012 nicoboy2012 Jul 9, 2013 11:52 PM Flag

    What Keeps me out until Q2


    I 'm taking Peter Lynch advise in this case...I just did my home work and visited major stores that sell phones and just looked around. I saw special displays for Apple, Samsung, and HTC , Nokia was lost on a display with 30 other phones, that were still dominated by Samsung. I walked in Future Shop...huge signs of Samsung taking up 2 rows. Not Only is Nokia still playing catchup on the phone itself, but they are a long way off the marketing game, in fact salespeople were truly ignorant of the phone. Its crazy that all that work put into a phone comes down to a flunky sales guy. That's why Nokia bought NSN, its the only segment of their business that helped Nokia from losing money in Q1. Now I'm sure they will do well moving forward...but not on Q2 earnings.

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    • If you "wait" for a good earning report, most of the money will have been made. Fact is the last quarter was close to break even, the lumia line showed 32% growth albeit at the expense of feature phones but the 520 at $100 is gaining traction, and buying the rest of NSN on the cheap will help the bottom line. NSN with 11% margins is better than the market leader ERICSON, they even beat the chinese venders in their own back yard on the China Mobile bid, NSN changes the equation for NOK - and on top of that new distribution channels via best buy, hsn, and 3 out of four carriers in the US are selling their phones. A turn around is afoot!

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    • never try to time the market buy hold and then sell after it goes up. or wait watch it go up be too scared to pull the trigger and leave all that money behind you. No crying later though.

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    • Thats your choice I like you didnt bash nok. Nok is a good company at heart but I agree they are a marketing fiasco at least in the U.s. Is it a money thing?. I dont know but in the U.S. Perception becomes reality. If nok spent money on comercials saying "NOKIA IS THE BEST PHONE ON THE PLANET INDEPENDANT STUDIES CONFIM" or something like that. anyway say it loud enough and often enough and it becomes reality. I dont even care if its true at this point just start saying it please nokia!. They gotta do better with marketing seriously. i agree totally there.

    • You do point out an issue with Nokia sales in the US. Believe me, I have experienced this first hand. Just walk in to a store and ask to look at a Lumia Handset. Many sales folks will ignore you and go on to touting Samsung. The sales folks are getting kickbacks from Samsung and Apple or something to push their products because they really push you to buy something else. No question to me that Nokia has an issue here but you should realize that the U.S. cell phone market is quite a bit different then the other markets in the world because of carrier subsidies and other vendor agreements. Nokia is doing much better oversees then in the U.S. The U.S. is a very difficult market for a vendor like Nokia to penetrate but they get a lot of sales overseas and they are doing fine there.

    • When Microsoft opens the 600 kiosks in Best Buy you will see changes coming in the other competitors.

    • Just need a phone to really capture US mindshare. I think (and am hoping) the 1020/EOS is that phone. Really just need to catch some hype. Remember, Samsung had no traction in the smartphone arena until the Galaxy phones. All it takes is one "hit"

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    • Shorter answer - you're chicken$hlt.

    • First, I tend to ignore people who can't spell simple words like "advice".

      Second, if you know anything about Nokia, you know that they are primarily targeting Europe and Asia. By the time you start seeing Nokia going head to head with Apple in the US, the stock will be upwards of $50 and you will have missed nearly all of the gains.

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    • When does Nokia report their next ER?

    • I agree with you. Beside the little effort Verizon is doing, very little is happening with the rest of the exclusives in North America. That being said, living in North America (which I am assuming where you are) gives you false perspective. I just got back from a trip in Europe, my last stop was in Rome, and almost 3 out 5 people i ran into had a Lumia. They have a limited budget to work with and they decided to spend it outside of North America where they have a lot more strength....

      The day you walk in to major stores in the states and see Nokia on a similar display as Apple, this stock would've been already over 25$...

      Don't forget this is only a 4$ stock we're talking about here...patience will pay off

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