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  • ineedastock ineedastock Jul 14, 2013 6:34 PM Flag

    There was a price shakeup in Windows 8 Tablets today

    I honestly do not see how they will continue with the tablet since there is limited cash for devices. Microsoft dropped it's Surface rt to $349.00 and it is going lower. In concert numerous other Windows 8 tablets dropped from the 500 to 399 range. The big pounder is an 8 " from Acer that is a full powered Windows 8 laptop on sale for 349.00. I talked to two techs who tested it and both said it did not feel right. I did not get to test it and did not feel like buying it just to test it. However, When you are in the 350 range RIGHT NOW heading to 250 by October, it is not going to be possible for Nokia to get into this. The Acer for 349. has a free copy of office which cost almost 150-200 alone. It looks like they have found the price reductions are selling online. The stores only have 1 or 2 if any. I have no idea what Nokia is going to do or if they will bail. This price drop just happened today, so they will have to re-think it. You cannot make a unit to compete in price if you are not an exclusive pc maker. The rt tablet is history for everyone not just Nokia. They are on discount and to be discounted further. I was told that if they sell at the current price which is 150 less than yesterday they will continue it. I was hoping to get that Nokia tablet, but from what I saw today it is a very tough market to enter. You have Dell, Asus, Acer etc with products out now under 300. I definitely get Nokia killing the rt tablet this week. I still hope a Nokia Pro will make it to market but it will not be a profitable item because of the reduction or closeout of rt pricing.

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    • blair.wagner Jul 15, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

      Just getting rid of inventory,so that when NOK introduces the ultra tablet, there will be no road block to its taking over of this area.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • everything is being commoditized these days,

      unless you have got something out from your 25000 patents,

      something like 41 mp camera technology. Now that is different ! That is why everyone is eyeing Nokia

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      • They can put that in a tablet, slate or laptop also. The work is done now. It is just mounting the camera and installing the software. I hope they do good things as it years to do. I first heard references to working on the software in 2009 I think. It may have been 2008 and it was Microsoft Silverlight then. There not going to let that gem go to waste. That camera does things the pro cameras cannot. I have a pro camera right next to me and I cannot do anything I can do with the 1020. I was collaborating with people in Asia sending phones back and forth for software programs. They will go f'in nuts over this camera in Asia. I mean Apple type lines to get it. Watch and see.

    • 1 year ago Nokia had no definite place to sell tablets. Now there is the Microsoft store. That kind of changes everything. I guess it depends on how much Microsoft will charge Nok for the OS. I do not know how much it cost to manufacturer but that and the OS in a 300 machine does not leave to much room. They definitely have a selling benifit now in the Microsoft store in Best Buy.

    • Another note regarding market share of commoditized products:

      I believe that the mobile future will allow for 3 large ecosystems, iOS, Windows, and Android. I also believe in a HW maker establishing itself as the quality and premium brand for each OS, as Samsung is with Android.

      NOK has the hardware quality, reputation, and market share already in Win8 phones. I believe they can do the same with tablets. They also have THE key differentiator in HERE, which has potential to grow into an ecosystem of it's own.

    • Last year Elop said Nokia will not make a commodity tablet - if Nokia makes a tablet, it will have features unique to Nokia, so the Nokia tablet stands out. What these feature might be, who know. Camera could be one. Other features? Maybe more integration with maps? MSFT can help with that. Nokia will make a phablet when Intel comes out with LTE chips early in 2014.

      I expect Nokia would use Intel's Haswell chip for a Nokia tablet. It is possible Nokia could get a big discount on Intel chips if Nokia signs-up to use Intel chips for future Nokia phones (which Nokia will do). So, if Nokia gets Intel chips for less than their competitors, and gets Windows/Office for less than their competitors, and has some unique innovations, I could see Nokia making a price competitive tablet fairly soon. On the other hand, there are a lot of "ifs" in that arrangement.

      In sum - a Nokia tablet is possible, soon, if the planets come into alignment....

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      • They already have near release machines that everyone seems to call different name. This decision by Microsoft to lower prices last week is a major blow to companies like Nokia that have to make a profit. Once you get into the 300 range it is a very low margin sale. A year ago there was not a looming XBOX One that people will want a tablet to use with it. A year ago there was not a Microsoft store in Best Buy that Nokia can sell their products in. Being an x Microsoft capo has it's benefits. I think it is still coming. Honestly all the pc companies have to be scratching their heads on how to make a profit on the machines because everyone keeps going lower. Acer is now the first 8" tablet and quite frankly 349 for a full power Windows 8 tablet is a price that is hard to beat. They may be better off scraping it from the discounts I am seeing. It definitely is no longer a high profit margin prospect. I want one but as an investor it is iffy.

    • Agreed. The Win8 tablet hardware market seemingly is made to be commoditized right off the bat.

      But, then again, you could say the same thing about Win8 phones and NOK owns 80% of that. A NOK tablet should get decent share from the start due to the Lumia brand and its build quality. Its just a matter of whether if NOK can execute at the price points that the Chinese can't undercut. And using HTC and Huwawei flagship flphones as a comparison, it definitely looks like NOK can compete on pricing.

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      • One other point - making a really good phone is more technically challenging than a tablet/pc. There are a lot of subtle design/production/material decisions that make Nokia phones higher quality than and HTC or Samsung. Those phones are competent, but the Nokia phones have dozens of small features that add up to Nokia phones being a step above.

        Tablets off less opportunity for those small improvements. On the other hand, I'll be interested to see what Nokia R&D puts into a tablet that they just don't have room to cram into a phone. I'm thinking they have a lot of interesting innovations that just need more space than a phone, and a phone's battery, offers.

        We'll see.

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