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  • groovenirvana2013 groovenirvana2013 Jul 18, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    Stephen Elop's Obvious Plan

    I haven't posted in some time. I've been waiting for earnings to post my thoughts.

    It should be obvious to anyone who has followed this stock for some time. Stephen Elop's plan is to BK this company and sell the pieces for pennies on the dollar to MSFT. The man is clearly a MSFT stooge and was put in place to accomplish this very goal.

    How else can one explain a disastrously ill-timed purchase of the 50% in the Siemens venture? That little purchase alone put Nokia one step closer to insolvency, lowering it's cash reserves to dangerously low levels. Now another 250 million loss to bring that number even lower. What do you think will happen when Nokia approaches zero in cash.? That's right. BK will be the only option.

    Then who will buy the pieces for pennies on the dollar? MSFT of course. It's been their plan all along. Or at least that's how it seems when one looks objectively at Elop's decisions as a CEO since he took over.

    Yep, the platform is burning. And MSFT will lead the salvage crew to scrap the remains from the bottom of the ocean. The ordinary shareholder (at this point, can we just refer to all of them as bagholders?) will be left with nothing.

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    • I have to disagree. We are in year 3 of 5 of the turnaround plan (exactly half way) and this ER shows some significant improvements going forward.

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      • That's fantasy land stuff. The company has much less cash than it did at the end of Q1. Not only has it lost money, it's purchased (and borrowed) to purchase the 50% stake in NSN. The pumptards that support this deal don't think about the fundmental math. If you pay 2 billion for a company that will average 250 million profit a year, it will take you ten years to recoup your cost. Not only that, but there is nothing to guarantee that income remains stable. All the while the spectre of BK looms closer. When Nokia runs out of cash, the creditors will come calling.

        Note: Down 16 cents premarket on all that good news.

    • ill timed purchase of a company that had been profitable 5q in a row for a 50% discount! I have never been in management other than my own portfolio but if I can buy a revenue generating business for 50% off its value then to me that is a no brainer! That of course is my opinion.

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      • Have you even tried to read an earnings report by NOK? It's filled with so many write-offs, deductions, charges, etc. that you can't tell what, if anything is making money. The Siemens venture on the surface looks like its making money. Try digging a little deeper. Then you'll see how Nokia will tell you it lost money.

        If it was so profitable, then why on Earth would Siemens sell it for pennies on the dollar? Why weren't there any other buyers for the stake? Siemens wanted out and for good reason.

        Think what you want, but Nokia's cash reserves, even after all the accounting shenanigans, keeps dwindling. Where do you think this comany will be in two more years of 400 mllion Euro cash burn quarters?

    • Well that's your own opinion, what do you think about the board of directors, did they all come from msft too. think!!!!!

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