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  • ineedastock ineedastock Jul 18, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Do people buy stocks on last qtrs data or the future of the company?


    Nokia got 51 % or NSN profit next qtr they get 100%. Nokia has released a game changer device the 1020. There is no professional camera sold let alone another cell phone that can zoom into any part of a picture and find the smallest detail. That is what I said No other Professional Camera and Software. I tried to do that with a Nikon and Adobe Photoshop. I asked the sales person what is the best phone that the pros use and she said this Nikon. I bought it months ago. I also installed the leading photo program Adobe Photoshop. When I take a picture with the Nikon and zoom in with Adobe Photoshop it is just a pixelated blur. When done with the NOKIA LUMIA 1020 you can literraly find a needle in a haystack.
    I will remind everyone that the XBOX ONE is coming in the fall. Everyone has heard about SKYPE on your big screen tv. You are either going to use your lousy web cam or????????

    Matter a fact I bought about 10 of the Logitech top model web cams. I am going to take those suckers back today and get my money back. What else is coming??????????? Yea Buddy.

    Am I worried, Hell no.

    You rookies just relax. NSN, Microsoft & that 41mp software combo is going to take care of you in my opinion.

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    • I am long Nokia, but I think that the camera will only play a small part of their recovery. Then again, sometimes these innovations have a way of becoming major game changers. I think Nokia will do well, but the primary reasons will be NSN, growth of WP, their financial position and perhaps their exposure in developing countries. Until then the 1020 is making some great headlines for them!

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    • Okay, I like this topic...
      I see there are people with knowledge in photography here, so to those I ask: after watching the "zoom event", can any professional camera do those things on the presentation?
      I was blown away (probably cause I don't know much) by the ability to find the needle in the hay stock, and by the ability to move the frame after taking the picture.
      for INAS: I think a camera that good in the 1020 is a game changer. In the sense that it will give more photography power to the user. And I think, many people play a lot with their phone cameras to make this Lumia an attractive offer. But if experienced photographers here say it is no replacement to professional cameras, that's fine. That does not take away from what this phone can do for our NOK

      go longs!

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      • That is what I have been trying to tell the stupid f ' rs. Like I said I used the Nokia for a web site that is one of the largest. It will make every single person that takes a picture say " hey come here check out this phone camera". Compared to the Samsung S4 well there is no comparisson. All I said is I went into a camera store and said we need the best camera you have. He sold it and the Nokia pictures are better. Just one man's opinion that uses it on one of the largest web sites in the world. I do not know if that makes me a pro or not.

    • INAS: I'm not arguing that this is not a sweet cameraphone. Don't mistake me here. But your comments on 'professional cameras' demonstrate a dearth of understanding of photography in general, as well as the process by which the 1020 "zooms" and the factors that determine focus and image quality. While the discussion is far too in depth to cover here, I recommend that you go and study photography for 15 years before you make such assertions and assumptions. There is a reason that photographers are willing to pay big money for bulky equipment that doesn't fit in your pocket. With a 22MP Canon 5DII, I can take a wide angle shot and crop down to a very small portion of the frame in the same manner that the 1020 does, giving excellent results. And, I'll pit my 22MP against the 1020's 41MP any day for cropped image quality and overall image quality, interpolation or not. The 1020 is exciting, yes, but... it's not 'better' than a 'professional camera' by a long stretch. I repeat: A LONG STRETCH. It's the best of the cameras found in a cell phone today, but it's no match for a 'professional camera'.

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      • My CANON EOS 1DS MARK III 21.1 MP DIGITAL SLR blows the 1020 into an alternate universe. The average size of my raw photos are between 26 and 32mp. Not bad for a sensor that claims to be a 21MP sensor. Not for sure how that happened but like you say, I can crop my photos down to a small percentage of the original and not see degradation of noise/pixilation of the image. If I do (based on my ISO settings, I can just make them disappear in PS. It is really amazing. Bye the way, I can shoot at 1000 ISO with no noise on my Canon, can the 1020 do that? I can stop a grain of sand in mid-air using my 1/8000 of a sec shutter speed. Can the 1020 do that?
        It really is all about changing lenses also. Can you put a fish-eye lens on a 1020, nope. You can't put anything on it in fact. But, the 1020 would be handy for me in case I want to travel light in the mountains while backpacking. that is about it. Nok will never build a cameraphone to replace Nikon, Canon or any other pro stuff. As for point and shoot, yes, and they are already hurting due to the camera feature in cell phones.

      • You have not indicated what software can do it. I bought the best camera they had in the store. I walked in and said I want the best camera professional photographers use. It was used for content now on the internet. My assertions are based on my trying to do it. Show me how you can find a needle in a haystack with your camera and software? You can't. Who the hell cares if you can take a wide angle photo and crop it down. A 12 year old can do that. I am talking about being able to zoom in to see the eye of a NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK. Watch the you tube video and then comment. Sorry, YOUR REPLY AS BEEN DENIED. b o o o o y a a a h 1020.

    • Come on folks, lets be realistic! It was a complete shock to see sales of Asha phones plummet after months and months of buildup and excellent sales figures for the prior quarters. Now we have 2 quarters in a row with disappointing feature phone sales and Elop, as far as I know, doesn't seem to have an answer. Ultimately, as the NY times article discusses they must increase the ASP to be profitable - forget the other divisions, each division must be profitable by itself. I really believe that Elop has failed and should be fired, he is not executing. So now we have a burning platform in the feature phone market without the memo.... how exciting! Again, the fools on the board will say, "wait 'till next quarter".

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      • I didn't go long for feature phones. I'm interested in Lumia. The whole feature phone sector is down because smartphones are getting cheaper. Nokia has the right prices for low feature, come on $20!!
        my question is whether the Asha division was profitable despite low sales? and if not, were the sales higher than previous quarter?
        again Asha is just a side topic, the house is all invested in Lumia, they cannot afford to go Android now, so it all rides in Lumia.
        how do you feel Lumia's progress Internationally, not just the USA?

      • Not too much of a shock. All the other phone manufacturers were lower also. In addition, The Mininstry of Industry controls China Mobiles Subsidizing and advertising. They were told "google makes to much money here". They do not sell Apple. There was not word on Nokia. Following that I was told all the ads appeared for Local China Manufacturer Phones. THEY WERE PUSHING THEIR HOMEBOY PHONES. Research Ministry of Industry and phone subsidizing or something like that. Europe is in crisis. 3/4 of the world are in deep depression. What the hell don't you get pal?

      • Great post! Now read my previous posts where I say that this is all part of the plan. Elop is an MSFT stooge that will drive the company into BK so MSFT can pick it up for pennies on the dollar. Only the shameless pumptard idiots on this board can't see how much worse the company's fortunes are today than 6 months ago.

    • I would like to think the investors would invest based on quality and pricing of products. The Lumia 920, 925, and 928 are all in my opinion better than the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, so I can only imagine what the 1020 is gonna due to the fruit and Samsung loyalists. We will see soon. Thanks for allowing me to retire early Nokia!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Actually, they buy a stock based on social networking contacts with girls in Nepal. The community still hasn't forgotten about you. We still remember your shameless pumping and so-called research on Nokia's performance in China. Nokia's China market has collapsed (can't even give the phone away). Where in the world are those Nepalese girls now?

      As for the Nokia's camera quality: who the hell cares??? The entire Windows 8 ecosystem with its garish tiles and completely unsuable interface is dead on arrival. Nobody wants to purchase a phone that uses that garbage ecosystem. The AAPL ecosystem purrs like the engine on a Ferrari wil the Windows 8 ecosystem belches out smoke like a gas-guzzling Studebaker.

      The only facts that matter for a company facing BK is cash on hand. Ask yourself how NOK's cash position is doing compared to 6 months ago. BK is getting closer by the quarter and salvation is always a promise away.

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      • I gotta say your post look increasingly stupid. Kinda like ol' "Bagdad Bob" saying Saddam would defeat the invaders, as tanks were speeding toward him two blocks away....

        Let's look at what you said - You said "Who cares about camera quality", Windows 8 is dead on arrival, Nokia is facing bankruptcy...

        Yeah, all those points are just dead-on accurate and insightful, and I'll run right out and make investment decisions based on that garbage.

        To quote someone you would understand - Forrest Gump - "Stupid is as stupid does", and your posts are increasingly stupid....sorry to be blunt about it, but you deserve it...

      • You ran you stupid mouth to fast D # i k.

    • leestoller Jul 18, 2013 9:34 AM Flag


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    • Guys like Warren Buffet buy it on a pattern of performance. And he ain't buying Nokia. 

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