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  • rmbo47 rmbo47 Jul 18, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

    For How Long Does Nokia Stay "Committed" to the North American Market?

    They gave it a couple years last time before walking away completely. They dropped support for all NAM devices, closed their flagship stores in NYC and Michigan, and quit making deals with any NAM carriers to carry Nokia phones. Lumia sales in North America were an unmitigated disaster. So how much longer does Nokia say committed to this market before walking away yet again? When they do walk away, good luck getting firmware updates for your Lumias. I lived through that with some N-series phones and it's painful. 

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    • How about Elop just give America North the Big MIDDLE FINGER and then when they see the rest of the world operating on NOK equipment, they will beg for NOK to sell in the USA and WS will begin to show love to Nokia.
      F the USA if they want to continue with their #$%$ cheating manipulation of the future of SmartcameraPhones. Let them have the phoneys and Chitdungs.

    • I think that Peugeot paints the picture for NOK. Peugeot made arguably the best engineered cars in the world.
      They decided the US was not worth the trouble, and look where they are today.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • On the call, Elop answered this question. The U.S, is a signal country. If you are successful in the US it sends a signal to the rest of the world . I would look at it as a possible booster to sales in other countries where they sell.

      Remember the Sinatra song "If I can make it in New York, I can make it anywhere......"

      Still, Nokia is a huge force outside the US, well liked, the official 3rd ecosystem and is not going away.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • MSFT going into Best Buy is HUGE for NOK. VISIBILTY NATIONWIDE.

    • This isn't Symbian. Nokia will never walk away from N. America. It's a critical market in their long term plans. They now have key carrier partners and their marketing campaign is still in it's infancy. Of the 7.4M Lumia sold, which exceeded my estimate of 7.2M, how many were in N. America?

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