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  • gsenthusiast gsenthusiast Aug 1, 2013 5:30 AM Flag

    It is clear now the MSFT agenda

    The Motley Fool carries are report on MSFT delaying a release of windows 8.1 for mobile into 2014
    I have a 925 Lumia and the apps are a complete pile of rubbish. Weather apps have constant software glitches, sat nav and bluetooth connect keep failing(you need to have music player on and playing for sat nav voice to work by means of voice interruption). The lack of interaction of ability to switch from one app to the next is a pain. Look at the ability of Iphone to double click home screen and you can jump back and forth to different apps without losing content. All the radio apps such as BBC, etc no longer function as you keep getting error messages.
    The handset is great, looks cool, lovely screen and reading panes and text size but the operating system is a complete waste of time. I am putting it away and have ordered another replacement handset from aapl as at least it works.
    What MSFT is doing is clear now. Their agenda is to kill off NOK/buy it cheap or are now developing their own handset to be powered by a FUNCTIONING operating system.

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    • All Nokia needs to do is remind Microsoft "We make phones that can run operating systems, and those operating systems run apps"

    • Ya know whats funny first I dont believe you and if your trying to shake shares loose here using Motley Fool as a source it wont work. Motley Fool and the street, seeking alfa and the rest have all turne 70% pro Nok but all those cyber rags cater to both longs and shorts. one day they'll post a glowing article about how nokia is back, kicking #$%$ and taking names then a different contributer writes an article on how the only thing holding up the company is the microoft payments. So you have to take all that #$%$ with a grain of salt either way. But the chart and the fact that the company has made move after move to get earnings in line is not a made up story or opinion . It is fact. the product is better than ever and more indicators are positive going forward than negative. Im shocked were at 4pps still but by christmas we will be between 6 and 8pps. Niether you or any motley fool article can stop that from happening.

    • If anyone has ms agenda figured out, the should ring up ballmer. He should know about these things before he goes off and does something, uh, lame?

    • You are either lying or a #$%$.

    • Everything you wrote is a complete are here for misinformation piece of #$%$.And folks in this MB,buy Lumia devices if you are invested in the stock, at least so that you can filter the lies from the facts.For your information, there is so much paid misinformation on the social,tech,and investing message boards paid for by ads and marketing dollars from OEMs.if you are not actually using the devices,you are buying all these lies and product and OS propaganda paid for by OEMs and main players.don't be naive,if you are putting your hard earned investment in a stock,be familiar with the products of the company you are investing.couple of hundred dollars can be the DD you need.

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    • so you just bought a brand new lumia 925 and already complaining? right....

    • Sounds exactly like Windows Mobile days.

    • corneliusflake Aug 1, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

      not a delay. that was the original roll out sched. it is unchanged.

      that's why biniak is yelling about lack of urgency. saying msft can't force the phone mkt. to be like pc o.s. mkt with slow upgrade cycle.

    • I totally agree. Nokia has a very short opportunity to make a move. - release a W8.1 true W8 tablet to make a revenue stream in devices while waiting out Microsoft to engage with the mobile world.

      The real deal is what is in the joint venture contract between them. Nokia likely has room to sue Microsoft, however this will not help their cause. There must be some binding they can legally break - like releasing a tablet. Maybe even there too Microsoft has Nokia legally bound to not release one. Too bad none of this pub
      lic info.

      I would love to see Nokia sold to anyone other than Microsoft.

    • c'mon really? You are obviously just used to your apple os and like it better. I have a 928 and the nav has no voice problems, it is very easy to jump between apps. Try holding the back arrow see how that works for ya. My weather app has no problems (unless if you think loading detailed national radar is a bug). My bluetooth works just fine as well.

      If you like a phone better b/c that is what you are used to just say that. Dont find flaws where they dont exist.
      - I could make up a laundry list of Iphone problems that they need to fix also. I dont like apple, i'll say it.

      Also, I dont think MSFT is trying to KILL OFF nokia to buy it up. Why would they want to jump in like that? They ARE a little sluggish but they are MSFT and they do things their way. It will pay off for both companies just be patient and wait and see.

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