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  • fire_man812 fire_man812 Aug 5, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    with the pc market shrinking Microsoft will be more dependent on WP 8/NOKIA

    thats the only way microsoft will survive

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    • I did a piece about this on the INTC board but basically the whole "PC disappears because everyone moves to tablets" is a myth. We are finding that PC sales were down, tablet sales were down and notebook sales are down. It has more to do with a weak economy and how families budget IT spending then the PC disappearing. People are now using more devices. For example, I have a desktop, a tablet, a notebook computer and a smartphone. Microsoft has good presence in the desktop space, and the notebook space but needs more presence in the tablet and phone markets. They are moving in the right direction and I believe that Nokia is a big part of their mobile effort.

    • The tablet is the PC. Just hdmi in to your larger lcd and bluetooth to an optional keyboard. does not matter if your cloud is in the cloud or on a local hard drive. Smart tablet vendors will make these logical extensions for the tablets of the future.

    • One can argue on the status and future of the PC market.

      However, keep in mind MSFT doesn't sell PCs - MSFT sells (mostly) software, followed by services, then hardware. If you buy a Windows Phone, you buy MSFT software - same with a Windows tablet or PC, or enterprise server - MSFT sells some very good, very capable, software on all of those platforms, and makes money. Software is a very high profit margin business - no capital expenses on factories, or supply chain mgt, or whatever. Figuratively speaking, MSFT writes a program, pushes a button, and they've manufactured and shipped a million copies. Very efficient.

      MSFT is not a one trick pony, dependent on PC sales.

    • blair.wagner Aug 5, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

      It is a myth that the pc market is less. Soon people will be learning that to do real business you need a
      pc. With the immense research needed by a college student, a pc is a logical choice. The PC market is not
      dead,so we will have a detachable (take with you) tablet/phone,but the main power will be with the PC.

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