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  • ineedastock ineedastock Aug 15, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    I like the look of the Nokia cyan tablet I think. It looks like a big phone


    All my device are either silver or black now. The Nokia Tablets are like what was the trademark color of the Windows Phone until they did Asha's in the same color. Do any manufactures currently have tablets in the store that are cyan and look like a big lumia? If not, maybe that will be good. When you think about it, Nokia does not need to attract new customer though it would be nice. If they only sell one tablet to all their current fans it will make a good profit. Nokia fans should buy one. If half of the current fan boys buy one than the store and ad click pay for it. I am not sure I am a cyan tablet kind of guy, but I am sure they will have black. It is a big lumia.

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    • If any of the fan site bloggers of Nokia & Microsoft fan sites I will point something out. Nokia had the patent for the device that was identical to the Microsoft Surface BEFORE Microsoft released the Surface. I have posted that many times here and that occurred several years ago. Nokia has so many other patents, I do not have the time to look at them.
      In Patent law you have to demonstrate that you did not draw a patent with no intent to actually build it. That would be hard to win. I am not saying that is why NOKIA WILL DEFINITELT RELEASE A TABLET that you can write on.
      I am sure it does not have anything to do with the fact that they are suing Google for patent infringement for it's tablets. The timing is just a coincidence I am sure.
      Nokia may hit the lottery like Microsoft did on the revenue it receives from every Google phone.

      I am not releasing anything un known. Do a little research and you will find the Nokia patent for the Microsoft Surface before softy released it. You will also find a current lawsuit from NOKIA AGAINST GOOGLE and Nokia will most likely make an enormous recovery from the do no evil a holes.

      You have to intend or release a product to actually prove the patent. I will love a Nokia Tablet and a writing pen.
      Google will loose as they always do. So you see any tablet they release is good. Don't knock it because it will enable the law suit.

    • Too bad they scrapped it.

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      • Too bad uradope

      • They scrapped it due to technology moving along. ALL OF THE W8 RT & Pro are being discounted in stores for something new. I have been using 8.1 for months now. I am typing on this right now. It is blazing fast. I have tested all the old programs and almost all work. Corel Draw, Office 2003, Quicken they all work. I found the Microsoft Expression 4 did not open. All of google services where you have to log on are blocked because the browser is not public yet.
        So I guess they did not have a choice to scrap the tablet. It was discontinued and or price reduced in the current market.
        All the new device coming out are 8.1 and like I said is smooth and fast. Easy as hell to navigate. If you are an idiot stick with Apple if not buy the New Nokia 8.1.
        They are moving those rt's at the discount price. I guess they cannot make money at that price. If they could figure out how to build an RT tablet in the next two weeks at a low price it would be good.

        So do not knock an RT tablet even though it has been scrapped. The Apple, Samsung & Amazon are all the same as the RT. The Surface RT had a real USB also.

        The Pro allows you to install your own software. If you think about it, it does not make sense for a phone manufacturer to sell a tablet that allows you to install your own software. So the RT tablet fits Nokia unless they are becoming a PC Vendor for Microsoft. You understand now why it was and not is RT?

    • But it's an RT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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