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  • ineedastock ineedastock Aug 18, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

    Hopefully the message board will not Make Nok cancel the tablet


    Everyone seems to be hating on "RT". There may not even be a type "RT". This board does get back to those in the know. I have seen the board "this board" listed as a breaking news item for Nokia. Meaning where they have other breaking news it just listed Yahoo Message Board. I will point that out "I think" next time it occurs. If I was Nokia, after reading this board I would cancel the tablet if you know what I mean. They never read all the messages, just a few sentences and headlines.

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    • Hello, ins, Steve here. We get a kickout of your posts. We read this MB every day. - GOOD STUFF!
      oh, by the way, stop calling my office, were announcing more layoffs, and you don't fit into our plans.
      I know RT fits in nicely with the toy programming languages you use. Why don't you give redmond a call. I hear they're having a firesale.

    • The Surface RT did not fail because of the letters "R" and "T". It failed because it was not competitively priced for a device (not withstanding its other features) that depended on apps when too few apps were available. If Microsoft and/or Nokia will fix those two problems ... price and apps availability ... an ARM based high quality device with low battery drain, a good camera, LTE connectivity, and Office pre-loaded can be a resounding success. On the other hand, if Microsoft and/or Nokia simply rebrand the Surface RT and do nothing else ....... well.

      I give both Nokia and Microsoft credit for knowing that.

    • Top Nokia execs, including Elop, have stated Nokia will not produce a commodity tablet - if Nokia makes a tablet, it will have features that differentiate it from the herd of tablets out there.

      If Nokia has decided to bring a tablet to market, it will include features that are unique and new. The only question is if the consuming public will see value in these features and buy the tablet.

      The fact it's purported to be an "RT" tablet bothers me some, but on the other hand I will assume Nokia wants the LTE capabilities of a Qualcomm chip, and the low power consumption/long battery life of ARM architecture.

      Keep in mind Nokia has a "consuming public" in some large markets where and name "Apple" and "Microsoft" have limited standing, where the "iPad" and "Surface" names are generally unknown.

      I've said this before - I think there's a large market in both developed and developing markets for a phone-tablet - a "phablet", one device that does it all - phone, computing, internet.

      I could see two versions of a Nokia tablet - one with a 41mp camera and lots of extras (ties to Xbox One, fore example) for multi--device consumers who want something special, something unique - and a low cost model for the "one device" market, a model that includes no bells and whistles - just basic but functional internet, phone, laptop.

      I look forward to see the differentiating elements (some would call them innovations) Nokia puts into their laptop. They'll be there - the only question is what will those features be, and will they sell.

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      • Either Microsoft or Nokia will 100% definitely release these devices (tablet, slate, phablet or whatever you personally want to call it). The emulators are up and running for people to develop software for it. I think I am going to do one for the regular desktop right now. I did a phone app last week. The phablet emulator deploys about 4 inches cut off my screen so it is not useable. Hopefully they will fix that fast. The problem is I am mixing and matching so many different things that I may be the only one having that problem. Anyway the high definition emulators (that is a computer simulated exact picture of the devices ) are ready right now. The XBOX one is not far off. If Nokia does not release these as you say Microsoft will. They have to, there is no option. The tether to tether is also ready.
        I will say it again. I 100% definitely DO NOT know if Nokia is releasing a Tablet/Slate. Phablet yes and the 928 is already a small phablet.
        I 100% definitely know that if NOKIA DOES NOT then MICROSOFT WILL. That is 100% definite. So I do not know if it will be Nokia even though they are the CYAN, YELLOW, Red & White colors. I have never seen that CYAN & Yellow pigment anywhere else have you? Maybe I do not get out enough. I cannot recall a Cyan or Yellow tablet in those fantastic stunning Nokia pigments.

      • A "reply" to my own post, just to include a small item only geeks like me will find interesting -

        The letters "rt" actually have a noteworthy story in terms of etymology (that the study of the origin/history of words) - words that include the letters rt have roots deep in time, and trace to a group of word in Indo-European languages that include the idea of something that is excellent, right, good, fulfilled, essential.

        Here are some word with "rt" - art, right, worth, arithmetic, earth, dirt, inert (what is "ert"?). Make your own list - you'll be surprised at the number of words that include the letters "rt", that involve something good, excellent, RighT.

        Regrettably, Microsoft's RT tablet didn't live up to the history of the root.

    • The more you post, the bigger the idiot you become.

    • You cannot really believe Nokia reads the Yahoo Finance message board, can you???

      RT is a complete fail. Go Pro or go home. 

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      • OK., you are going to use Rambo today. Rambo, during the past week you could simply search for Nokia in a source I do not want to quote and a reference to this message board appeared along with other breaking news. Nokia monitors news ABOUT ITSELF AS DOES EVERY OTHER CO. Not only is this board making the wire breaking news feeds it is also being quoted repeatedly by the fan sites who believe it or not have been quoted by CNN money, Cnet, etc. All of the CNBC people including Cramer, the new the street writer that is "leaving" CNBC and writing for Cramer and anchors read these boards. Stock and business owners have no where else to go but to start searching the web for public sentiment. If you are searching for Nokia you will find your way here on the web. That is why it is called the web. Why do you always have to try and be the contrarian but then it makes you appear naïve which I know you are not.

    • Well, my apologies if I am one of them as there is no negative intention there.

      I am just trying to communicate that given what we are facing, please go slowly. We have launch many products and not all of them are doing well. But some really are, so please focus on developing products along that line. So for example lets have a dual sim 520 and have that in the market as quickly as possible. Under the outstanding leadership of Elop and his Nokia team, we might be seeing another in 625. So push those products where even iphone lovers (remember the CNBC guy) is buying , not as a replacement for their iphone but for real use because he , like billion of others , find value in 520.

      RT may or may not be a winner, and we can only see after launch. But if the sales of Surface is anything, one thing is definitely sure, due to the lack of apps. people really do not know what to do with their RT. So other than the initial fans like us, they will face strong headwinds there after and guess what comes next, we have to write down. Msft just took a 900m write down, Remember it is the same product. same partner, what can Nokia come out with that is so different, you get the idea.

    • The reason no one wants to see an RT tablet, since you seem to be too dimwitted to understand business logic, is that microsoft just failed miserably with the same product. And Nokia at this stage in its turnaround, which appears to be floundering at best, simply cannot afford more cashburn product lines.

      If smartphones was breakeven it would be ok. But smartphones is losing a billion or more a year with no end in sight at the moment. The only way they can keep going is to pull cash out of NSN and dividend it to Nokia.

      IF they can produce a tablet that will be the cheapest on the market AND still retain a 30% gross margin, then they should do it. However, since there is no real obvious benefit from a RT tablet over the ipad or the android lines it simply won't sell well if it is not priced at a discount.

      At the end of the day it is just about selling widgets profitably. IF the discounted cashflows anticipated from the project result in a positive NET PRESENT VALUE then they should pull the trigger. But if they plan to just burn more cash on a diverse product line, then its a breach of fiduciary responsibility in my opinion given the fragile cash position.

      Lastly, I highly doubt the sr mgmt reads a message board to determine product line decisions... and if they do, we're really screwed.

    • The reason people hate the idea is because we should resume focus on Windows Phone, and not get distracted. Yes, Nokia did manage to take a stale Windows Phone market and turn it around but the question is does Nokia really want to push their luck with more uncertainties? I really think it is a gamble and almost a greedy decision to push their luck with RT.

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