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  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Aug 19, 2013 11:56 PM Flag

    Nokia 520 becoming a flown away unstoppable success . Remember there is serious advantage here

    When you are a runaway leader. you really do not need to do any adverts, it will just sell itself it will be recommended in the sub concious mind.

    It like it especially when a serious media like Forbes is acknowledging Nokia is really disrupting the mid range of the smartphone market. Even more interesting, even Ipone and Samsung lovers are buying 520 as a stop gap solution or a standby handphone . Why not ? it is a true smartphone ,and perhaps the only true smartphone at the mid range. Moreover the attractiveness of it is one can really purchase it without being tied down to another contract.

    Nokia must take note of all these developments and push into the market at this corner. We find that Nokia weakness in the past is that it developed too many products and fail to push its winning hand. That is the direct opposite of Apple. It has one singular product , the iphone for a very long time before another one singular product, the ipad , comes out and look where it is today. Nokia is right in coming out with many products to find out exactly what consumers wants, But now Nokia knows what is popular, it needs to push the right buttons and focus on only the popular ones. Remember Nokia can make a lot of money from 520 once it is entrenched. It can slowly inch out the price and people will still buy it, it can make a premium 520 by adding a small flash, by making it dual sim for certain market and people will all be lining up anticipating for it, why, because like iphone and £4, it is already an entrenched name, people just want it because people the world over are familiar with it.

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