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  • ivanluchenka ivanluchenka Aug 30, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Obama chickens out, nok goes up with market, everyone wins

    Unless you suffer from liberalism, a mental disease
    Go NOK

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    • Like I said

    • Oh, one other thing - I'll go ahead and draw a picture for those who can see beyond their own idiocy - Obama is going to Congress for two reason:

      1. He'll give members of both parties the chance to cast a vote that puts them on record saying it's ok to use chemical weapons, and put US security at future risk, and also put at risk the security of our allies in the region - Israel, Jordan, Turkey. Go ahead an NOT support a strike that punishes those who use chemical weapons for mass murder. Anyone who votes against the strike puts their position in jeopardy, Republican and Democrats alike.

      2. The Syrian opposition see's an opportunity here, They, and our allies, want to take some time for the US and Turkey and Israel and Jordan to line up their resources, get weapons to the Syrian opposition, develop a plan (targeting sites, timing), gather additional intell, and THEN strike, in coordination with the opposition, supported by us and our allies.

      Yes, Obama said this is not about regime change. Fine. Our strike will not target Assad. But, our targeting could be a huge benefit to the opposition, if we hit the right targets, and if the opposition has the weapons they need, their forces are prepared to go on the offensive in coordination with the strike.

    • Obama is the new Jimmy Carter.

      He must be thinking of his Nobel Peace Prize planning this bizarre missile strike, which will only help the al Qaeda forces fighting Assad.

      I guess Obama wishes to further tarnish his legacy. Too bad the typical American could care less as long as the bud light and cable doesn't run out.

    • Obama won't "chicken out" - he doubled troops in Afghanistan, instead of a safe and easy bomb to kill Bin Ladin he sent special ops in a high risk mission (could have failed) after Bin Laden in order to be certain Bin Ladin was killed, and to gather valuable intelligence documents/ materials.

      He's not chicken. He is cautious, which is a good thing when sending US forces in harm's way.

      Use of chemical weapons IS NOT ACCEPABLE. Obama will take whatever action is necessary to ensure the Syrians get that message. End of story.

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      • Obama is the biggest hypocrite and flip-flopper since John Kerry. Even if one supported his ideals which were misguided at best, he hasn't even lived up to those!

        He claimed he would turn to the UN for international support on future military interventions, and then as president says he will go it alone even if congress won't authorize.

        He says he will will close guantanoma... and doesn't

        He says he will save or create 2 million jobs... and doesn't

        He said he would get rid of the patriot act and then not only signed an extension but encouraged the worst abuses of the act yet to be seen.

        Obama is a joke. Syria conflict has just exposed him as an international laughing stock.

        He will own Syria just as Bush owned the disaster that was Iraq. He will further destabilize a region that is on the edge of complete chaos. And he wont save a single life in the process. The arrogance and hubris is shocking. He learned nothing from the foibles of W.

      • First of all, he has already done damage to himself and the public. He drew a need line that he never meant to draw and there is no good way out it. Either he follow through or makes himself and the US look weak. In the last 24 hours alone he has bounced all over (he was going at it alone, now he is going to congress). Its clear he wishes he could take back the red line 2011 statements. If he wasn't a chicken, if he was a man, he would come out and say that it was mistake to draw a red line and that starting a bombing campaign that could trigger ww3 wasn't well thought out. Instead it's clear that he is going to congress, knowing there wont be support in 60 votes, so he can blame congress for not authorizing the follow through on his owns red line. Americans are finally waking up. He has 44% approval and going down more. However, there will only be zombies defending him no matter how wrong he may be.

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      • You're an idiot. End of story.

    • Syria just ain't worth the trouble. No win situation. The middle east has been screwed since I was a kid and will be for a few more generations.

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      • None of 'em are worth the trouble. If we wanted Saddam dead we should have stuck a cruise missile up his butt and left it at that. Maybe get his two sons at the same time lest the pick up where dear old dad left off.

        This nation building garbage is nuts. Nobody is more of a hawk than me - my politics are way to the right of Genghis Kahn - but lets try just leaving those crazy people in the desert alone. Mess with our ally Israel and I nuke your capital city. Destabilize the region or attack an ally, I stomp your guts out with shock and awe. My troop build up is 48 airmen. That's 8 six-man crews for the B52 Stratofortress. SLAM missiles. Never have to fly over the offending country's airspace. The AGM-84K is a "fire and forget" weapon.

        Just let Syria crumble from within. Why should we give a hoot if those people, who have hated us forever, kill each other? Just let it go. There is no reason to care. Obama never should have opened his mouth and said that ANYthing was a red line Syria cannot cross. The man has no inclination for strategic thought. 

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