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  • ineedastock ineedastock Sep 10, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    how can u trust Nokia mgmt

    Elop is trustworthy. The rest of mgmt kept the fact that they were running out of money for phones a secret. Not my kind of company. Fool me once shame on u. Fool me twice shame on me. If nsn is running out of money there are not even any interested buyers to fire sale it. They tried for 4 years to sell it. Nokia mgmt should have the hell sued out of them. Any suit against the board and Nokia I will be the first to join.

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    • Which NOK are you writing about - the NSN, HERE, Mapping Nok or the Handset NOK? As you know the Handset NOK is a totally different company than the NSN company. So trustworthiness is in what regards? I don't think people are talking the same language, which causes confusion. There needs to be a total separation between the companies. Because when you write about NOK, it is important to know which NOK. The "old" NOK should be called MSFT, because that is what it is. You people should be on the MSFT Board then, unless you want to talk about the "new" NOK.

    • Everyone here does not know what they are talking about. See I am not scared to say something just to get a thumbs up from someone I do not know or will ever know.
      The reason Apple is announcing they are getting into China Mobile is because Nokia shipped such a small initial shipment they laughed at them.
      Why don't you geniuses find out who the acting CEO is. Trace through SEC the amount of money he has made in 2 years.

      The management screwed Windows Phones by funding THEMSELVES rather than the phones. Payday for execs but no shipment to China Mobile. You know how many they made available to the Home Shopping Network? About 300. Every walmart across the country is out of them or has 1 or 2.

      Follow the money and you will understand. How do the huge salaries and no phones in stock equal out. They were taking fat checks waiting to be sold. That is it. I am not looking for friends here. I have friends in real life.

      Nokia mgmt. destroyed Windows Phone and Let Apple into China Mobile as a result.

      ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BING ELOP TAKES PAY REDUCTION IN HALF. The man took a drastic salary decrease. Why didn't they all.

      So all you message board ceo's really do not know what to look for to find the truth.

      The other problem is you have a fan club on here with no money in the stock and this is an investment board. All they want to do is get thumbs up. Here is my advice- Go to an oriental massage parlor and let them be your friends rather than getting a thumbs up. That is if you have several hundred dollars. Otherwise, try a dating service. This #$%$ is not meant for message boards where you cannot post anything negative because fans harass you.

      Fan clubs do not mix with investors.

    • Eflop was a trojan horse. He came from M$....the least trustworthy company in tech, now SCOX is dead.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I don't think Nokia kept any financial secrets. The fact is that they have maintained a positive net cash position throughout this transition. If Nokia was in danger of running out of money for phones it was simply an internal matter of how much cash Nokia was willing to devote to that division. 

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      • Nokia did not have the cash and marketing clout to competitively promote and market the Lumia. MSFT and carrier marketing was spotty and ineffective. It falls on the OEM to provide the core marketing. The writing was on the wall for Nokia in the long term. They were struggling to breakeven on D&S. Facing entrenched and even stronger competitive products they couldn't expend the cash to drive sales in a more robust manner. Nokia's Board made the right decision. The remaining Company has little chance to be a multi-bagger but it's far more stable growth and leading competitive position in 4G contracts give it a reasonable chance for 50%-100% growth in 2-3 years.
        Those who invested in Lumia smartphones should consider moving on. Blackberry anyone?

    • When Nokia voted on the last 4:1 split in 2000, the stock has been spiralling down, Elop just happened to become CEO while the stock was getting close to hitting bottom.

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      • Nokia Corporation
        Stock exchange release
        July 23, 2013 at 9.00 (CET +1)

        Espoo, Finland — Nokia announced that Nokia’s Board of Directors has resolved to issue a maximum amount of 183 540 Nokia shares (NOK1V) held by the company directed to approximately 9200 Nokia employees participating in the Employee Share Purchase Plan. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan, the shares are issued to fulfill the company’s obligation to deliver 20 free shares for every plan participant making the first three consecutive monthly share purchases under the plan. The shares are issued without consideration. The issued shares are held by the company and the total number of shares issued by the company does not change as a consequence of the issuance.

    • Anita... you miserable #$%$. How dare you

    • I guess their confidentiality kinda screwed up your short scenario didn't it? wow down 800mil, guess there'll be no bonus this x-mas.

    • "Elop is trustworthy"
      lol,that's your best one yet
      come on, you can tell me, you're elop ....right?

    • Yeah, I get mad when my stocks go up too.... averaging +45% right now. I like Elop, and I think the buck stops with him when it comes to company news.

    • INS, that's enough go and join the party or come to my VISE Shop to help, cause I have more work to squeeze those bashers/shorts than I can handle. OK ? Come on over

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