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  • ujinovich ujinovich Sep 13, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Please serious answer - what will happen to NOK shares holders after the deal

    if i hold some of the nokia stock what will happen to them after an acquisition
    will they be wiped out or transferd to MSFT stock or will be traded as a NOK?

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    • Omg!!!!!!dude nokia didn't get bought out! You will still have nokia stocks! They sold there handset division only which was pretty much a cash sale to microsoft. Not a stock sale. nokia is still it's own company and will be for a long time to come. It's just a thinner company with low overhead and expense now. Their handset division was a dragg on it's profits. In other words good riddance.

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    • not to be an #$%$, but clearly you have no idea about what NOKIA and what Microsoft purchased and you're actually not the only one...a lot of people are under the impression that Microsoft bought Nokia and are buying the stock under that #$%$umption

    • Microsoft essentially bought half the company. The struggling half. NOK is still a company although much smaller. The half that still remains is NSN which builds and deploys cellular network equipment and Nokia "HERE" which is their mapping unit and some assorted patents which it turns out are pretty valuable. In return NOK will get around 7 billion dollars, 5 billion outright plus 2 billion in patent considerations. What NOK will do with the money is a matter of speculation but they have a fair amount of debt and they could easily liquidate that. They also still have some cash already on the books. Odds are pretty good that a "special dividend will be paid". I have heard at least $1 a share. The growth according to my calculations should be in the high single digits to the low double digits. It is a good business so you could continue to hold NOK for what is left.

    • They'll be screwed, as always.

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    • No, not unless Microsoft buys all of NOKIA. You will own Nokia as the deal is written now. You would have to sell Nokia to own Microsoft shares. The thing that is fooling investors but not funds is Microsoft was one of the big HERE clients but no one knew the exact amount or how to see the money booked. It was considered Intellectual Property. Here was given away to many for trials. If there was no one else but Microsoft paying for HERE they would receive conservatively 1.5 - 3 billion from Microsoft in my opinion. This is because Microsoft was paying them that before and the deal was for Microsoft to DOUBLE the HERE revenue payments to NOKIA. Now that is not a pump it is in a Nasdaq filing. In addition to that it discloses that Microsoft will be the largest of the top 3 companies providing Here revenue. I will provide a list in my opinion of the top 5 or so.

      Top Customers of Here
      1. Microsoft
      2. Apple
      3.Confidential entity involving Classified Customer.
      4. Facebook, Groupon or Amazon
      5. The automobile manufactures in order you decide. They have many of those in vehicle Navigation.

      Microsoft may buy Here and then they would be Softies clients.

      However, you still have NSN and a new division of NOKIA.

      So in short, you have the kind of business that mutual fund crave. The Here will likely produce more revenue than NSN. So if NSN was a little above the handset now Here will be above that. You bashers can bash me all you want. Softy is paying Nok billions in addition to the said deal.

      You have solid situation depending on who become CEO and management remain in check and no scandals arise from management.

      The CEO announcement is important. I think people on this board forgot they do not have a CEO right now just a sit in Chairman.

      Stock will be a mutual fund favorite due to the High Here Revenue and limited costs. It is a basic goldmine because it is all software and not much hardware. The vehicle navigation systems are one thing. Pure blissful profit. Lets Roll

    • No change in your stock. It's sort like you sell your refrigerator (devices unit), but you still own the house.
      The 3rd quarter earning will not have the cash from Microsoft yet. The balance sheet will reflect that.

    • We're only selling the devices unit. NOK will still be NOK.

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