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  • ohbabyno123 Sep 22, 2013 4:02 AM Flag

    More $$$ to Nokia and It's Shareholders

    This will be carefully crafty game of chicken and head games; down to the last week before the shareholders' proxy vote.

    Don't be surprised if several Finnish consortiums, mutual fund companies, brokerage firms and very large shareholders are sending letters to MS requesting for an increase in the buyout amount weeks before the proxy deadline. Add a little language about the risk of offering a low offer -- which could invite others to disrupt the deal), the discontent by the Finnish people & investment community to finish it off.

    And don't be surprised if MS does just that. Several billion more from their overseas bank will do the trick. MS won't have a problem with that. It will be a WIN / WIN. Four reasons why:
    1-MS will be perceived as a good, generous business partner,
    2-The Nokia BOD will have a moneymaking, winning hand (HERE/NSN/Patents) and additional cash for the coffers,
    3-Helps MS smooth things over a little bit with the Finnish community,
    4-Shareholders will benefit from the increase in PPS due to the revaluation.

    How much more? High enuf to make shareholders say "wow, thank you" but have other potential suitors say "d_mn it, a bit too high to counter". Hey, I'll let you be the judge of that price. Your thoughts?

    GNG !!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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