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  • mrsanteph mrsanteph Sep 25, 2013 12:19 AM Flag

    Google: stephen elop contract revised same day as microsoft deal

    foking elop is going to ruin the whole thing. There goes the pps and realistically the sale. This only gives the finnish goverment reasons to attempt to block it or pressure to change the terms

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    • Lumia sales have recently sky-rocketed, and that is the reason why Microsoft is picking up Nokia's D&S at this time. It's certainly not the end of the world if Nokia share holders reject the deal, and another company may swoop in and make a purchase. Also, getting rid of ELOP paves the way for adopting Android, and it goes without saying that a ton of buyers would be willing and ready to welcome Nokia with open arms if it made the switch.

      On the other hand, if the deal does go through, then it's easy sailing. Either way, Nokia's value is greater than the meager amount being attached to the PPS before. The PPS wasn't even remotely correct in terms of true valuation, and was 99 percent the product of illegitimate manipulation. Investors need to remain calm, and ask themselves why they would want to exit now when the company is either going ahead with the deal with Microsoft, or else free to pursue other options that are more profitable.

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      • you are going to wrong route. The risk here is that some powerful "entity" whether the Finnish politicians, authorities or even shareholders, may get #$%$ based on the deceit behind the whole thing and make take action. Also, this info shines like gold for lawyers. Just think of all the people that got screwed when the PPS tanked. They can argue they were misled into thinking the plan was to bring back the company and not to make it cheap and attactive to one specific buyer. Add to that the buyer provided an employee to be NOK CEO. If you think no one is looking into this, you are dreaming. I'm just being realistic here dude

    • finnish govt may step in as conservator remove board of directors and sell the D&S division through a structured sealed bid process. Here come the chinese taiwanese and koreans or maybe even HP! Still think it is good to rid nokia of hardware as the margins are thin and to refocus on networking and wireless R and D but real question is why they just didnt put the handset division out for sealed bids as after the sale rhey have NO interest in windows OS over androids Tizen or firefox. Why not actively seek other bidders is the real conspiracy if you want to call it that but this is a clear breach of fiduciary duty.

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