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  • hitlerchan hitlerchan Sep 26, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

    i sold my long position yesterday

    1. Nokia will monetize its patent portfolio but not when they still hold onto device and services. Expect this to take place only next year.
    2. Suspicious collusion in elop compensation may dig out more dirty secrets.
    3. Debt ceiling, possible market correction may bring about broad market declines and volatility.
    4. Super duper dumb talks with Alcatel lucent. Nokia is easily the best networks company out in the market and we dun need Alcatel and their debt. I can envision a msft-nok happening with nok-alu when alu needs to bring up cash late next year when they need to buy back their patent collaterals from gaymensex. So nok is gonna bail alu out to save their partnership? Only a dumb management can conceive of this idea.

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    • I purchased your long position yesterday. Thank you.

    • your're not a long you're a short seller. Earnings are in a few weeks and you sell now. Yeah you're hoping for the worst. This stock will sky rocket even if there is a slight loss due to the fact that nokia has plenty of upside. I'm going to keep buying.

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    • You are also forgetting that all of Nokia's assets seem well undervalued. Nokia stock is a great value play with little downside. Good luck on timing your rear entry.

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    • The real money prolly won't be made till after the deal closes. Most big boys won't be in till that time

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      • Though I believe the deal will be closed with a dividend coming out, as has been mentioned by the management, a more fundamental question will be if Nok is going to issue regular dividends. That will get more institutional investors into this stock.

        I definitely do believe in upside potential in this stock. A week or 2 ago, I quoted up to USD$9 for it. Well, what matters is money and profits are off the table for me. I'll continue to monitor this stock from a Networks and IP Portfolio standpoint.

        With a substantial amount of shorts having covered and some shareholder value already appreciated into the stock price, it is time again to examine the capability of Management leading NSN. I believe it is some indian guy heading the helm, correct me if I'm wrong. Where previously our focus was on MSFT's stooge management, it'll take time to study the new management and if we can assert that they are bold, innovative and possess leadership in being the leader in Networks.

    • So long

    • Congratulations!!!!! and thank you for all your valuable thoughts during the hard times here on this MG...You are a good Allie like the rest of the longs...See you around the MBs

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      • Well, the MB is like a cluster of info sharing and updates possibly better than trawling thru the net alone. It saves time if we pick the right usernames for the content and discussion. I am definitely still monitoring this stock, except that recent macro-economic developments and Nok developments have caused me to stay at the sidelines for awhile or longer. Each of us have our investment discipline and while we may have the common objective of seeing that the stock (Nokia) that we own gains share price, we should still stick to our discipline here. :) Good luck to Longs too!

    • Your 2nd point is a non-issue. This is how business is done, like it or not.

    • I'm a buyer at every dip.We are at opposite spectrum in this stock.

    • I'm not very good at timing in and out. Still think there is upside. Convinced Nokia will not buy headaches of ALU labor, but may buy assets. This is not a macro story so not worried about debt ceiling. The Elop story is all smoke. I very much think Nokia is setting up to monetize patents as I type and the market will anticipate this. Long and staying that way. Good luck longs.

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      • Nobody's very good at timing in or out. Not in the long run.

        The big money is made hanging on for the four-baggers. You have to let your winners run and that's not easy. I do think the potential upside is less because they don't have the D&S potential, but the downside there was coming very soon and we clearly dodged a bullet selling it to MSFT. I don't think the downside now is significant enough to offset the taxes on short term gains so I'm holding until the year requirement and then I'll re-evaluate.

        Not worried about ALU. They were brilliant about picking up the second half of NSN and won't do anything stupid there.

    • I also sold my first 1/3 today at 4.89€. For the reasons above. There are still some risk lingering.
      Monetizing patents will not be easy in a world dominated by Obama's, Hollanders, Chinese, ... its real #$%$ but R&D doesnt pay off like it should and i have doubt about its future.
      Alcatel ... where there is smoke there is fire.
      Main reason is the low gold price in €. I was waiting for a good time to switch the remaining stock market money into gold and the time is about right if not perfect.

      I will sell another 1/3 before end of the year and keep 1/3 for the fun.

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