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  • guy.stockman guy.stockman Oct 5, 2013 3:07 AM Flag

    This deserves a repost - you can't argue with flawless logic...


    Just as soon as I posted this it seemed to hit a nerve with our resident jokester stockguy and now look whose trying to convince everyone that this data is not obvious and is downright false. Yup, stockguy. Why did this affect your psyche so much Sir? Did I catch a couple of your other IDs SG? I know I did and now you are punking me at every turn making fun of me at every post in order to hide your guilt. I understand what you are doing. Poke fun at someone more than 30 times, tell a lie about someone more than 30 times and people begin to believe it. Psychology 101 pal. Played out by the book. Relax...the worst that could happen is that you will lose one or more of these IDS.
    And your jesting at the " SIR" reference. LOL...that was right on and word for word. I will repost it to refresh your mind about your other ID that you are desperately trying to make cover for.
    I noticed none of your alter aliases have stood up for themselves in this. I do know that nut.real84 is now attacking me. Sorry to disturb your BKSAM sleep pal. Sweet d

    This is good though:
    I find it unusual that you would make it so obvious to us that these ids are yours by the way you rebut another's opinion when it doesn't line up with one of your alternate IDs. Truth hurts and thus you are now a comedian.
    Sleep tight, good dreams.

    (Your 'logic' is based on a flawed model)
    (the premise of your question is flawed)

    (Your premise is completely flawed, by your logic)

    (your logical is flawed)

    (the flaw of your logic)
    (the flaw in your assumption)
    (your faulty sense of logic)

    (I read this logic. Totally flawed)

    (All his post's are ill thought and fundementally flawed)
    (I think there is a fundemental flaw in your argument)

    (Flawed logic there, sorry.)
    (Flawed logic there)

    (The idea behind your logic)

    (the only problem with your logic)

    (Your logic is lacking. Sever

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I told you before if a judge reads what you are saying, he will involuntarily commit you for at least 48 hours. You ever smelled the joint? I do not know who you are or the ZUTKO or any of the other names. The things you have already typed are enough to have you "INVOLUNTARILY" committed. You do not have to do anything else. It is clear to anyone reading this or your other "threats" that you are a candidate for an involuntary commitment to determine if you are a threat to others. I don't snitch, but if you remain anonymous behind a keyboard that is the only option. I am willing to meet you face to face to talk to you and then I can see what kind of man you are from where I came from. I can tell that by talking to you face to face. Where are you so I can have a buddy talk to you face to face. I have people in every state in US? Just want to talk to you that is all. You want to meet me? I am available. You want attention but the joint is a little too much attention pal.

    • Thumbs up given to e2mb once again! If only he didn't have me on ignore, e2mb would realize that all those 30 posts were in his support!! Whether or not I have multiple ids is a mute point. While the BKSAM initiative prevents me from poking any holes the logic coming from his obviously superior intelligence to everyone else on this board, the initiative does present quite a conundrum. If I admit to lying as he says I am doing in my recent posts that praise him and recognize his awesomeness... that would be tantamount to a condemnation. But if I said he was wrong, that would go against the BKSAM initiative...where I must state that he is never wrong. Oh, if only I had his superior intelligence I would be able to figure it out. Reminds me of the Liar Paradox presented to Norman in the "I, Mudd" episode of Star Trek. Hopefully e2mb does not suffer the fate of Norman if he actually looks at my recent posts... that would be an udder failure of BKSAM - a real tragedy.

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