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  • skeetz1234 skeetz1234 Oct 5, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    Bought Some MSFT

    Bought some MSFT, already up over $4500, it is prudent to leverage being in MSFT along with NOK.

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    • I'm heavy on msft.Holding it long term.This is the best time to buy softy,150% upside in the next 12 months if you can be patient 12 months.Upside is minimal and you have healthy dividend coming november.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i know, one shouldn't be emotional and stuff, but for most of my life I was in the "anything but microsoft" crowd.
      I hardly ever used Windows (beside on phones), went to linux in early 1995 until I switched to mac os 2 years ago.
      yeah, I see that MSFT makes sense business wise, and with Nokia showing them how to make attractive hardware they will probably explode in the next years. But something in me just prevents me from buying their shares ;)

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      • I understand your thinking. In the past, due to their pervasive control of PCs with few real alternatives at the time, MSFT produced some real junk, and still was able to make a ton of money and expand market share.

        I recall the joke that if Microsoft sold light bulbs that didn't work, MSFT would simply declare "dark" as the industry standard.

        MSFT still has quality and design issues, but they're not as arrogant as in the past. I think their problems now are rooted in the fact the "Windows" eco-system is so broad (particularly in business) it is hard to change one part without changing all of the connected parts, and that makes changes/improvements time consuming and difficult. The fact hardware design/production was in separate/independent companies didn't make change easier.

        I think MSFT is turning a corner, and a new CEO will only help that. Yes, Windows still isn't as user-friendly as it should be, but their working on that - 8.1 is coming, and after that 8.3 or W9.

        I want an eco-system that will encompass all of my stuff, and only Windows can offer that now, and into the future.

        Separately, I see low-cost Nokia phones as an entry point for Windows in emerging markets, so I see Windows only expanding in the near future.

    • All the best there ! I bought into Yhoo recently. Though not as good as Nok, IMHO, nevertheless it is another case where the parts is worth a lot more than the market cap. Do your dd though.

    • Also an excellent dividend play.

    • Not time to sell nok yet for softy.

    • Msft can be very explosive should their expansion of their business model (wireless & cloud & their ecosystem fully adapted) succeed...Trying to see if a good double is possible at the time when dow is at 18,000....what do you say Skeetz

    • The easy money on MSFT was made buying it a $24, not too long ago. However, I think it has more room to run - Window 8 is gaining momentum, Xbox One will be big, phones will do well, enterprise/cloud segments are doing great; new CEO could be a big benefit, plenty of cash in the bank, good dividend, etc.

      MSFT, even at this point, could have a nice position in most investor's portfolios.

      I think the MSFT/NOK relationship developed over the past few years will continue to help both going into the future. Don't underestimate the serendipitous value of personal relationships in business dealings.

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