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  • calbucks09 calbucks09 Oct 6, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    borrow SPEND borrow SPEND borrow

    it worked great for JAPAN!

    and GREECE

    and ROME

    don't stop spending, whatever we do... borrow... borrow... spend... spend...

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    • OK, how's this - 2001 Bush tax cuts, abandons a BALANCED BUDGET, budget goes into deficit.

      2001 - War on Terror - Afghanistan, Iraq (but Iraq was not part of the war on terror - that was voluntary), neither paid for.

      2004 Medicare Drug Benefit - big, costly expansion of Medicare entitlement, not paid for.

      2001-2008 - lax regulation of financial institutions, ending in financial crash/crisis.

      Add those up, and Bush/Republicans DOUBLED the national debt in 8 years. Vice President Cheney: "Deficits don't matter".

      Obama care does NOT add to the deficit - it's paid for in new taxes passed specifically to fund Obama care.

      If's not spending that's our problem, it's the deficit. We can easily eliminate the deficit by a simple compromise - 50% spending cuts, 50% tax increases. But, the Republicans won't vote for ANY tax increases.

      How's that for compromise?

    • Where's the middle ground? You need to invest, but also you need to pay the bills, it can't be one way or it won't work. We can all turn into Africa, where there is no investment, unless you are the very rich or happen to be in power for the moment, no social net, armed clans ruling (no real gov't), no business or business created by others outside of your country. Where's the middle ground?

    • The basics of finance and budgeting elude the moronic liberal. This is how it happens that people that want to restore fiscal order are referred to as anarchists....

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