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  • sydneylocks sydneylocks Apr 25, 2014 12:30 PM Flag

    Can you hear that? It's the sound of the cash burn stopping

    Devices was burning thru 275mil per quarter. That has JUST ended.

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    • So what will they do with the cash? Keep it in a CD? IRA? LMBO.....The money will be required for R&D and other expenses needed to keep pace with the competition. They are already falling behind in many areas.

    • both Apple and HTC fell under Nokia's IP sword, don't need faith, the results to date speak for themselves. Both Apple and HTC went all out on their defense, and Apple wasn't short on cash or the end...they capitulated. Google, Samsung and Android are the biggest bunch of IP thieves in modern business, they are losing heavily in IP court against Apple.

      The formula is rather simple, Nokia Apple Google/Samsung. HTC was proof in concept against Android. The question is how much the royalties will be.

      NSN will take care of itself, Suri did an excellent job there. It spent years and billions getting lean and mean; a necessary restructure that neither ALU or ERIC has started on. ERIC will do it but it'll take time. ALU is doomed because the French unions will sabotage any such effort. Regardless, NSN is the least part of New Nokia; and that's something the street hasn't figured out as yet.

    • Yep, Nokia couldn't even manage the devices unit to keep up with technology. What makes you think they can do it with the remaining business. Actually, the competition is doing very well and Alcatel-Lucent is winning contracts that Nokia should have won like the Elisa contract in Finland. Nokia better perform and they better put that extra cash to good use because it's not any good for them or shareholders if they don't utilize it for what's most important. R&D to keep up with the ever changing technology.

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      • Don't fool yourself they were way ahead of the competition in tech, that is why apple pays them bbry pays them sammy pays them htc pays them, they just didn't execute. Tomorrow is another day.

      • The ALU deal with Elisa was for core ip routers and switches that NSN doesn't sell. NSN has a partnership with Juniper which sells those core ip routers and switches so that loss should properly be seen as a loss for Juniper.
        There are only 800+ wireless operators around the world and they generally do a good job of enforcing interoperability between the different equipment vendors and their technology.

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