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  • leestoller Apr 29, 2014 9:31 AM Flag

    CEO Rajeev Suri will prove the best!!

    The worst CEO in Nokia 150 years Elop, he FAILDED share holders and Nokia ! 2007 under Elop Nokia shares at over 28 euros , plunged to as low as 1.33 euros in 2012. Windows was a major mistake , should have been with Google Android a winner ! L & B 2014 is the start up ! up !

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Agreed! 12/30/14 NOK$20 L&B The facts are true! Patent stealing is stealing!

    • Elop wasn't the worst, have you had your eyes closed for the last 2 or 3 years? He cut and slashed this company on orders from the board and transformed it into what it is today. Now Elop got a nice job at MSFT, doing whatever. Elop isn't done yet either, wait and see. Again, outsiders who have no idea on how a company works or what is necessary to get things done. These outsiders think they know something, but they know nothing. To even rate a CEO from basically non-business people is ludricous.

    • You jackwagons said that about Elop when he first arrived.

      "Oh boy!! He's a Microsoft guy and those folks get stuff done!!"
      "Elop will go down in history as the best CEO ever!!!"

      etc. etc.

    • I don't think you can be quite that harsh on Elop, it was already decided by the board to spin off their mobile division and they didn't want someone from Finland taking the heat, so they brought in an outsider. Elop did exactly what he was brought in to do, I am sure there were a lot of folks not happy they way it was done. Handwriting for Nokia was on the wall, but your point with Android is valid. Nokia did not spend any real advertising dollars for Windows phones and neither did Microsoft to get the offering off the ground like it should have. Clearly when you have a superior product, back in the days of VHS players, the Sony Betamax was clearly a better machine, but it was less of a VHS machine that ruled the day thru marketing. It all comes down to marketing the product. I bought some Microsoft and if they get Microsoft Mobility or whatever they are going to call it off the ground, Microsoft will do very well indeed. Based on my experience with the Nokia phones and Nokia tablet, it is just down right painful to have to use an Android or Apple smart technology. I am sticking with Window mobile offerings for my personal use, to me they have a much better user interface to use on a regular basis. But in the end, regardless of what you put money into the market, don't get married to any position, profitable position let them ride, and know your tolerance for risk, don't ride losing position down till it hurts.

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