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  • jomike05 jomike05 Jun 27, 2014 9:01 AM Flag

    Any thoughts on this recent decline in PPS

    The dividend aside, is there any rationale for this daily drop?

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    • Yeah, more shares to buy with my dividend. Second half of year will be really good for Nokia and Nokia investors. One last hurdle to get over in India and then off to the races.

    • My thoughts, load the boat. I just did. Last three months paychecks just went into stock and some August & October options.

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    • tracey563 Jun 27, 2014 12:25 PM Flag

      profit taking

    • You guys get all spun up over a one-day drop of 7 cents?? Relax. The story hasn't changed for Nokia. If you believed in the company 6 months ago you should still believe in them now. They only thing Nokia has done is do exactly what they said they'd do. So what's the problem??

    • See what I mean jomike05...they post lies out of the blue. LOL...they cannot refute the numbers. Look at how angry the pumpers get!! LOL. Rambling about something I have no Idea about.

    • Yes earth you sick moron, they just annouced that they are going out of business. You really think you're fooling anybody? Lol.

    • sure...look at these dates:
      Oct 30, 2013.....NOKIA closed at 7.63
      Nov 8, 2013.......Nokia closed at 7.65
      Dec 13, 2013.....Nokia closed at 7.54
      Jan 22, 2014.....Nokia closed at 7.70
      Feb 3, 2014.......Nokia closed at 6.66
      Feb 24, 2014......Nokia closed at 7.62
      Mar 17, 2014......Nokia closed at 7.60
      Mar 31, 2014.......Nokia closed at 7.34
      Apr 3, 2014.........Nokia closed at 7.62
      Apr 28, 2014.......Nokia closed at 7.03
      May 21, 2014.......Nokia closed at 7.62
      June 24, 2014......Nokia closed at 7.59

      Today's PM price as I just looked is 7.62...
      So, is there an explanation to the fall in price you ask, yes,
      Nokias fair value in the market for almost a year is 7.62.

      Numbers don't lie but pumpers do. Don't get caught up in the 10, 20 dollar coming soon. It is all a lie. Nokia will climb for longs when it is their time. As for us traders, we are having a blast and as other traders have posted, we are making money in Nokia by flipping it.
      I think the numbers I posted show beyone a shadow of a doubt NOKIA remains DEAD Money or has basically flat-lined over the past 8 months for those who are long and can't believe Nokia is not over 9 bucks yet.

      too many naive investors following the likes of pumpers on this board. Notice how they continually attack me for bringing their pumping post back to earth? Thus my userID...Earthtomessageboard. Don't believe me, look at the accounting numbers. They prove everyone who is slamming me to be BALDFACE PUMPING LIARS.
      Good job to those flipping Nokia for some extra cash. Flipping INO, MNKD, BBRY, PBRA, and more. The market is good for traders. If longs want a good investment get into a good dividend paying stock for gawds sake or play options and pocket 7 baggers then come to this board and brag about it. OH wait, none have talked about making 7 baggers in options, only if dog rabbit talk.

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