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  • c4n_2000 c4n_2000 Mar 23, 2001 7:18 AM Flag

    To The Board

    LET ME START by saying that absolutely no one can really time the Market.

    That said, there are only three ways to view the Market at the present time. The ways being:

    1. The Market over the next year is headed lower.
    2. The Market over the next year is headed higher.
    3. The Market over the next year moves side-to side.

    That said, I believe that 12-18 months from now the Market is going to be at least 1,000 points higher on NASDAQ and at least 500-700 points higher on the DOW.

    That said, if you didn't believe in NOK as a company and the space that it is in, I assume you wouldn't be long itys stock.

    Personally, I consider NOK a fantastic company which may very well be one of the top 50 in the entire world. I also believe that wireless is the future and that for many years to come will be a growth industry. Forget all about timing of new products and services, when they come they will come. What I do know, is that wireless is not a HORSE and BUGGY business and is now just in its infancy.

    Finally, if you believe as I do, that a concerted effort by the FED to lower interests is in the cards--that massive front loaded tax cuts will be passed shortly and that a Mass Media lead "cheerleading" just the opposite of current condition, is in the cards, then NOK is a great horse to be on.

    Now no one can perfectly time anything, but when the economy improves----NOK is going to fly.

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