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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Jun 11, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    GOLD & SILVER decline will continue and patience gets you in here below $4.00 per share.

    I'll say it again, buy only those that have found new 5 year lows like SSRI, or HMY. Keeping an eye on PAAS, IAG, CDE and others in hopes to see them tank hard soon to my buy targets.


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    • My buying range is between $3 and $5
      Anything below $5 is a bargain in my view.

      I would be hesitant to wait for $4 cause it might never get there.
      Are your not worried you may miss the opportunity if you wait too long?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • We are getting closer to the end of QE, markets nervous, money supply in abundance, actually in abundance in the till of companies benefitting who? Did QE really solve anything since you see a market in panic mode at the mention of stopping QE? Inflation/deflation on the horizon since people are losing buying power daily, which remember drives the equities. Low paying service jobs is the only expansion of employment, non existent pay raises, high gas prices. Yeah the market is/will expand, NOT.

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      • Ok, let’s assume that QE solved nothing, just in case you want it this way. In this respect, why do you think that ending of QE can cure something, i.e. more specifically, bear market for PM stocks?

        Gold price is not linked to QE, though if you check media cries in this respect, then most commentators assumed that QE was positive for gold, i.e. assumed positive link. If it’s true, then QE ending would be negative for gold, wouldn’t it?

        Forget about QE bogus rationale (unemployment, inflation, etc); it’s mostly media invention. Bernanke prints money to plug hole in government budget, that’s it. It will continue as long as the hole exists. No relation to gold.

        Gold price will start recovery if/when U.S. economy shows signs of breaking down and, more important, media starts reporting on it. It can take time, because U.S. economy is still stronger than most other countries, and outer world still loves U.S. dollar. Add here tech breakthrough in energy (aka fracking) and many things can be explained.

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