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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Jul 2, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    The impact of western socialism spells doom for resource companies..

    ...should be obvious; and as the OBAMA socialist spread, all companies are up for grabs. Their share prices in the resource sector will be dead meat. IAG has no where to run. Canada? no way; all countries must follow Obam america, or face death

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    • IAG doesn’t have assets in U.S. and, by the way, U.S. based miners are still in better position than in most other countries, if they already have mining permit. The latter is the main problem here, can be done realistically in few states only. Once permit is received, it becomes better because in this country businesses are still protected from arbitrary taxation/confiscation.

      Canada and Australia are even better locations, especially if Harper keeps power and Abbott wins elections. In these countries permit can be received in most localities and property rights are still respected.

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      • you miss my point: yes, I know IAG has nothing in the U.S., and that US laws and canadian laws still have the appearance of respecting capitalism....but what about the future, here is my point. Today in america we are moving steadily to socialism, to more people being dependent upon, and demanding of, government handouts and subsidies and pensions and healthcare and welfare and workfare and food stamps and permanent "mental disability" from Soc security, and physical disability from S.S. and free food in school for the kids whose parents are losers or losing in this economy, most of whom are minorities but the white people are finally, after all these years, getting with the swing of things and demanding entitlements from the government, and on and on and on, and combing this with the huge, incredible spread of government at all levels, especially Obama's socialist government, spreading taking and taking and taking from the people, and then you see the spread of American Militarism, both around the globe and now internally, the spying the secret programs, the surveillance, and on and on, with huge blah who is gonna pay for all these non workers, the hand out people, the government "workers?" Who and where will the money come from? The business community and small businesses being driven out of business. I saw the liberals at Yahoo on their finance page the other day term a businessman as being "notorious," like a notorious criminal. I am not talking about hostility against predatory major corporations, I am talking about hostility to all businesses, at all levels, as the "Handout America" wants to blame something other than itself. And they will absolutely, as the crush get worse and worse, due the Latin American thing; heck all of southern europe is socialist, france too, and they are all now owned by the Banks in partnership with the socialsts. They will tax and take anything not nailed down, so they do not have to work and create.

      • Please tell everyone on the ANV board about this. All assets in Nevada and stock down over 80%.

    • UR right equality & fairness is speading

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