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  • sandiegoman99 sandiegoman99 Oct 11, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    3 Years From Now

    There will be very few left here. The ones that have the cajones to potentially ride this down into the high 2's or low 3's will do extremely well. Gold will go much higher. Might have some down to go but inflation will kick in. Banks have finally got their reserves back and will start lending (if) the economy improves and then watch out. Because once the inflation genie is out, she doesn't come back in..... If you can go away and not look for a couple of years you will do well. However, the pain may get worse prior to getting better.

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    • In general, looking from outside for couple years is not a problem at all for any stock investor accustomed to diversification. Buy when and where it can be profitable. It was always advisable to have small part of portfolio in gold. Sometimes ‘small’ meant 5% and sometimes 25%, not a huge difference.

    • This much meddling in the economy by feds.. i cant imagine how long the soup lines will be.. look at what Slick willy did to the housing starting way waaay back in the 90s the crash in 2008 was just the cumulation of all that meddling

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