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  • longer_n_prouder longer_n_prouder Sep 17, 2004 8:20 PM Flag

    ot: ugho.ob

    next tasr?? Good example of what some good press can do for a low float stock - more than half of the outstanding shares traded today -up 168%. hope we're next.

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    • What a thrill for the kids. Our hometown star(Carlos Boozer) was in town last week signing autographs at Safeway. My son was so happy to get his shirt signed. Not a Barry Bonds fan, would rather watch a player like Edgar Martinez, pure class.

    • that must have been quite a site to witness first hand - i did not see it but read all about it in this morning's paper. a true legend of the game!

    • Uhgo has a flashlight with a stream of mace emmitted from the center of the device. Basically a hyperactive Maglite. Another future commercial device is a paintball gun with mace balls.

      Probably imported from China.

      All IMX needs to do to get the same kind of attention is convince many that IMX is the next TASER and has a lot in the pipeline - which it does in abundance - from small float to high technology.

      UGH is not fit to lick TASERS boots and the TASER technology is childs play compared to what IMX has to offer. It pains me to see UGH mentioned on this board.

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      • i had many of your same thoughts when i first heard about the company several months ago. i thought the technology (if you want to call it that) was joke to tell you the truth, and still do. do not get me wrong, i am in no way endorsing or pumping the company, or even invested in it (though had i bought it when i first heard it mentioned several months ago, well you know the rest of story). I was just pointing out what a well timed pr can do to the share price of a low float, small cap stock, particularly in the homeland defense arena.

        imx (common and warrants) remain my single largest equity holding (roughly 35%), and with patience, will pay off nicely in the long term.

      • >>>Another future commercial device is a paintball gun with mace balls.<<<

        Another company (I'm not pumping because I don't own this security, and have NO plans to do so), is MDDM.PK which makes "shock rounds"...similar to TASR technology, except in 20,000 volt bullets, or something like that. I haven't looked lately, so my memory may have faded a bit. Interesting concept though, would work good for Air Marshalls on commercial airline flights.

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