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  • littwpg littwpg Aug 1, 2005 10:02 AM Flag

    Early run rate


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    • Sorry, that aside was to Mr. qxangofone. eom.

    • Mr. byron, your posts are lame and have no effect. This is not the collection of penny suckers you have over there and they won't fall for BS. But knock yourself out trying. Ask me to stay and post more on the HISC board and I might consider leaving.

      (Remember that exchange Mr. Quang? Opening scene of BCATSK)

    • How much of this would you and this board enjoy? Baddog, I will make you a deal, you stay off HISC boards, and I will stay off IMX board. Just say the word. And name callers only identify themselves by the names they call. Your posts can be described by a hundred critical adjectives, but YOU, I let you describe yourself.

    • No way we will continue to 1.7mil for the day. If we do not get some strength back in here in these 8.40 levels we will probably drift to the high 7's.

      UNLESS- An order shows up out of the blue today. Than we go over 10 in a hurry-not likely though. Action has been good here non the less.

      Short position getting back to normal and fundamentals getting much better. Hang in there for the BIG move.

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      • how does another order help when they have $3million due to Laurus fund in three months, and their run rate is only 50 units per months and they need to change the casing. If Laurus can get 250,000 warrants at $3.75 for a 4 month loan, think what they will extract when the $3 million is not available when its due. So what if IMX is selling like crazy, by the time they get their financial house in order, China will have knocked off a copy of their technology and be selling it for a fraction of the price. HISC probably will lead in the sales. Patent protection?? China??? And if that is the argument, the Knockoff will have enough modifications that IMX would be involved in litigation for years before they get compensated...where does that take the PPS.
        BE CAREFUL here, what are risks/rewards. HISC is still a much better ratio, by far.
        I would not be here posting this except Baddog has messed with HISC board too long. And maybe some here will be more careful now with their IMX holdings.
        Good Fortune

      • just bought more today,more ORDERS on the way and I am ready are you?The word of the day ORDERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!YES

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