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  • The winds of fall are blowing up some GREAT things for IMX.

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    • Were you dropped on your head as a child or are you still one?

      If IMX announces that they need to restate earnings for previous qtrs, plan on seeing 52 week lows. If not, it will languish at current levels until order news or a major terrorist attack (God forbid).

      Get it? Got it? Good.

    • Hey Einstein, the AMEX uses specialists not MM
      and they (MMs) make most of their money on the spreads so perhaps you should be buying mutual funds until you learn a few things. BTW the short interest (less than 4%) here is very minimal so I would suggest you and the rest of the morons stop using that angle. Lost over $5.7 per share since the spike from the China Order. So who has been right.

      News will drive it up and then down again, it's a given on (IMO) this poorly managed company who continually fails to provide guidance to their shareholders.

    • the time of pom and Jack are comming , you will have to eat your words .

      anyway nobody is happy here longs because PPS and shorts because Imx is not falling to lower levels.

      meantime MM are profiting from longs money but real party will begine when IMX deliver news that will porpele PPS to new levels

      MM is accumulating now this is my oppinion

    • I found a new stock for pom. The ticker is PUMP. :)

    • "sharing due diligence and FACTS sprinkled with optimism"

      Haha, that made me LOL. Sprinkled with optimism? Wow, if there was ever an understatement, that was one. You pump every single action by the company. It's not a sprinkling, the streets are absolutely flooded with your pumps..... or wait, I'm sorry, you are not pumping, you are sharing due diligence with a sprinkling of optimism! :) hah! Please don't go. You are one of a kind.

    • Bottom line..imx is crashing . You may be smarter then me but i will take the cash ...

    • I NEVER said the share price decline was part of any plan and/or that it was o.k. IMX is still IMX and the potential has only increased, not decreased, no matter what the share price does. The share price vs. IMX the company are separate subjects. That�s always been my point. According to your logic, when the share price is on the rise, IMX is a good company and when the share price declines, IMX is a bad company. Whatever. Anyone invested here should know that it's risky and are most likely invested because of IMX's potential. Anyway, I don't know of any investment that is not risky.

      There is a big difference between sharing due diligence and FACTS sprinkled with optimism as opposed to sneaky comments, vague questions, and LIES sprinkled with an attitude of doom and gloom meant to scare investors. That�s what you never seem to understand or appreciate. You can applaud the �others� as much as you want, but to me what you are applauding is dishonesty and bad behavior�and that�s basically what I have learned these boards are mostly about. I am sure people are making money on IMX without having to resort to trash-talking the company.

      I hope that all the pieces of your life are falling back into place.

      Adios for a while.

    • >>>This used to be an excellent board with intelligent people and interesting discourse<<<

      This is true...this used to be a good board. Most of the better posters don't post here anymore, or don't write as often. And I think you chased most of them off with your constant pumping. It gets irritating. Personally, I don't mind a few pumps every now and then when the stock is doing good, and there is a good reason to pump...but incessant pumping when the stock is plummeting,'s just irritating. When the better posters have tried to get you to acknowledge/recognize some of the deficiencies with IMX (and WHY the stock price is falling), you and your fellow pumpers just deny, deny, deny...ignore, ignore, ignore. It's frustrating, and a futile effort...thus the better posters just gave up after a while and went away. Maybe if you just ONCE acknowledged that IMX has some troubling things going on, that this board could get back to normal, intelligent conversation.
      You keep reassuring your followers that IMX's stock price fall is OK...part of the plan...and they ACTUALLY believe you. They think that they "got the tiger by the tail", "we got'em where we want'em now", "shorts are nervous", etc, etc. Do they even know how much money the shorts have made over the last year? The only thing the shorts are nervous about is their capital gain tax obligations. Do these people (your followers) even know that they are getting their collective asses kicked in this stock? You keep telling them that everything is OK...and it's NOT! Just look at the stock price...fair or IS a fact, a reality.
      Your repetitive overly-optimistic views of IMX are misleading and deceiving to the not-so-bright followers of yours. Maybe it's better that you look at the WHOLE picture at IMX, and report both sides...then maybe your followers will start to understand, and then maybe the better posters will start posting again. If they're still watching IMX of course.
      IMX is a very risky stock to own right now...more so then in recent times. You don't need to pump/defend IMX on a daily basis. Try to look at IMX with an open mind, and with that I mean look at both the positives AND negatives, and WITHOUT emotions attached...then you'll start seeing a clearer view of the WHOLE story. And maybe...just once...write something about IMX that isn't just peachy or rosy. Things aren't very pretty at IMX right now.
      Yeah...I know...ORDERS are coming...and SOON! But best to wait a while imo.
      Jacklunkas (as well as B+Wpaint..maybe the same guy?) claimed to be insiders at IMX. We've all seen how much he knows. "ORDERS by the end of Sept.", "ORDERS will be announced at CC". If not then, maybe next week. If not then, maybe next month. If not then, maybe next year! YEAH!! Eventually he WILL be right. It's funny that the RU's, the FC's, etc. of this board continue to believe him, and will claim victory "if" an order is announced and IMX doubles to say $8/share (or so), not realizing that they are STILL in the RED.
      You're right...this board has really gone downhill over the months. But it's NOT because of the Docerta's, Stockcat's, Itoldyou's...they are the ones keeping it REAL. While they may present views that aren't appealing to some, they are certainly closer to the truth about IMX then yourself and your followers. All imho of course.

    • >>>Time for wine<<<

      Do you think drinking more wine at this time is a good idea? Considering all the whining you're just done? <s>

    • POM...just say NO to POOGIE BAIT ( sugar coated worthless sludge posted by morons).

      We need a 3 star to step in and speed up the detection process...IRAQ is a nightmare of IEDs.

      ED's will be around forever. The IRA proved that eons ago.

      It would be nice to see IMX deliver a knockout new portal prototype sooner than in one year.

      But a QS rigged into a robot to check out roadside IEDs would be cool to see tomorrow.


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