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  • bstee bstee Mar 29, 2006 2:42 AM Flag

    Warrants EXPIRE FRIDAY

    Please....somebody tell me they understand. I am assuming nearly everyone here is actually invested. It is really scary as I read these posts that folks are directing their own finances and counting on things like warrents but appear to have no idea how they work or even why they exist.

    Go ahead and bash me I mean no offense to anyone. I saw a few posts where a couple of folks got it, but wow for the most part no. So let me explain.

    These warrents were an enticement to get jumpstart a microcap IPO quite a few years ago. That is all. Kind of like a store giving free coupons to the first 100 customers. Suppose those coupons entitled you to 20% off everything at the store one year (the same as an employee discount). Now at the end of the first year store was still marking things up and still counting on goodwill and for no good reason other than goodwill they gave this employee discount for another year, and perhaps another year.

    Now suppose in the third year the store cuts its margin to 20% so the total markup is just 20%. This store continues to to offer an employee discount (emplyee based options) but now elects to stop extending the freebee it should have stopped some time ago.

    Now some of those first 100 customers are going to be upset. They will feel betrayed for the loyalty they showed those many years ago when they showed up on that first day the doors opened. But the fact is, after that first day they gave the store nothing. The discount would have wiped out any markup.

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