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  • rikrichter2001 rikrichter2001 Mar 22, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    IMSC New 3 Month High

    On heavy volume IMSC exploded through its 3 month high of 0.67 and is now aiming at its 6 month high of 0.80.

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    • Price manipulators are not letting go!! this gem should be $1.00

    • New 3 month and 2012 high today of 0.74 and now aiming for the 6 month high of 0.80.

    • I am not here for chump change either. At this point I think it is best to let the upcoming events play out somewhat before we start making guesstimates. I for one wouldn't want to be accused of pumping . It's hard enough to relate positive facts here without getting attacked by the same few.

      If I had to say one thing now, I would say I believe there is a very large opportunity here for income growth. Everyone here should be revisiting and updating their due diligence. This will allow you to expand your horizons in the proper direction.

    • So what does your adult size = for a share price?

    • It's not that often that an investor has the chance to get in on the ground floor of a company that has products or services that can change the face of an era. Think Apple, Facebook.

      Implant Sciences has the products that can revolutionize the face of worldwide security as we know it today. TSA approval is just the first Gold mark standard we will achieve. With that will come notorioty in the investment community and unlimited sales potential. Yes, we will face challenges as most small companies do. This is no secret to most of us patient investors here. The very successfull investors here have seen this many times before. The road will be bumpy and the impatient ones will sell out on the first rise, congratulating themselves on their investment decision. The rest of us (and we all know who they are) will continue to hold for the next phase of our rise to prominence.

      A very wise hedge fund manager advised us on another board that men of the caliber of Dr. McGann do not come to a small company, such as this, for CHUMP CHANGE. We found that statement to be very true. The stock that we bought at $1.80 (Post RS of 1 to 3) is now trading at over $12 PPS. The ones that were overjoyed to see a double are long gone. Institutional investment is now over 60%. Pretty good for a .60 original investment in a company in bankruptcy. What kept most of us there through the dark days was the caliber of the new managemment that was fighting to take over the helm. We knew that they would fully nvestigate the future potential of this company and knew much more than we did before they would accept this job. I truly believe this is the case here with Dr. McGann. He is not here for chump change, has done a lot of due diligence and knows volumes more than we do about the future fortunes of this company.

      I have never been one to predict the exact price for a stock on a specific date. IMHO we are in the infancy of this company and when it grows to adult size, those who have sold will be very surprised at the PPS we will have achieved. For sure I am going nowhere anytime soon.

    • Your right, Maloolm

      I watched an old friend of mine, as the CFO of APC (battery backup), take a small private company, located in a 150 year old textile mill from one invention to going public and selling worldwide before being bought out by Schneider Electric (Europe)

      The CFO got the job done and retired a multi-millionaire.

      I believe the IMSC CEO & COO will work well with Roger Deschenes, the IMSC CFO, considering that Glenn Bolduc was initially hired by Implant Sciences as the CFO in July of 2008.

      "Mr. Bolduc has more than 25 years of executive and financial leadership experience at public and private technology and services companies."

    • You guys are right on. However, managing the corporate growth will be really key. The CFO has to have a lot of tools and backing from the CEO/BOD and they have to trust him.

      It takes a different skill-set than we have seen so far in the BOD and CEO. Not that they don't have it, just different. The metaphor applied here, "when in a dog-fight, the dog that wins is the dog that gets a better bite when the other dog gives up!"

      Nevertheless, I am thoroughly impressed with management, and I am buying now and will be holding throughout growth.

    • I don't think that it is a finish line, TSA approval and the period after that will rather be the beginning of several other opportunites for this little company. I think people who sell right after the TSA approval will regret when the bar gets set higher and higher. There will surely be bumps, the permanent capital structure could create short term headwinds/dilution etc. however, just look at the size of the end markets and the opportunity. That will more than offset those headwinds for the patient ones. Big money will be made when a strategic swallows Implant with a strong premium down the road.

    • no reason it cannot break 80 cents if it gets some sizeable orders coming to the receiving desk..things are starting to happen.

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