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  • buffalop51 buffalop51 Apr 26, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

    Expo's Are A Joke......


    I can remember my company going year after year to the Environmental Expo in Boston to showcase the wares for "Business Development Purposes..." I told them, 'you are wasting your money'.

    So what is an EXPO, it's a place where your competition, as well as others in the defense/security division, goes to set up booths to showcase their equipment/services.

    Who goes? All the employee's of all the company's represented. Geographically speaking. I remember it being the biggest 'goof off day' to go and collect T-shirts, pens, coffee mugs....walk around looking at two people in a both trying to get you interesting in looking at "their stuff", which was similar to "our stuff".

    Essentially it's everyone in the business trying to sell their equipment to people that make the same equipment or provide the same service.

    It's like a car show, everyone brings their look at the stuff....and when you leave, everyone leaves with the same stuff they came with.

    Fckn useless ventures.

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    • Sorry to disagree with you Tom, since you know everything about everything. I went to these for the small companies I worked for and these shows were very lucrative for us. We had very large sales go directly to purchasing from the attendance of decision makers at these shows.

      Large customers send their employees, who are responsible for the technology and buying decisions, to these shows. The successful protocol is to call all the companies, who you have sold to and would like to sell to, 1-2 weeks, before hand, to set up appointments to see you at your booth location. When you have your products there to see,touch and demonstrate, they all come to preview the products and speak with you..

      The Senior sales people, design engineer and the VP of sales attended our shows. After the show, all the leads were followed up immediately. Believe me if you wanted to go to another show, you turned those leads into sales. All my sales people made this venue very successful. The customers were very happy to put a face to the people they were speaking to. All their questions were answered immediately. It was a win win situation for the company and the customers.

      I guess it depends on who you send to these shows. My sales people had the right attitude. If you go there with YOUR attitude.......perhaps that is the reason you think they are useless. Implant Sciences is not selling nuts and bolts that can be randomly ordered without much decision process. They are selling a specialized technology product. The people, that inside sales are talking to, are very happy to see these products demonstrated first hand. It saves Implant Sciences a lot of money because, in most cases, they do not have to make site visits to the customers in order to close the sales. Traveling expenses are out of sight today.

      If there was no return on your dollar by exhibiting at these Expos/Trade Shows , successful companies would not be spending the money to go there. Certain shows are more successful than others. If the attendance is not there, these shows get cancelled for the next year. In this economy, you weigh all the decisions you make. It's as simple as that. IMHO, attendance at these venues is a good decision for Implant Sciences.

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      • Exactly-- progressive companies plan product releases around certain shows...take NAB last week---amazing show. Buku leads and sales will come out of that show. Competitive purchasing decisions are frozen, new products jump ahead of old ones, new decisions are made or at least presentations scheduled because of a demo at a show.

        For IMSC, these shows are strategic MUSTS! IMSC has the newest approved products ( TSA safety seals). TSA Cert's. are the GOLD standard. Once we show a product with a TSA Cert. next to the product name-- bam, thru the roof!

        To you TSA haters, get a clue, don't bit the hand that throws you a life-preserver. How F'n stupid can you be, the one THING BY THE ONE GOV. ORG. that will save this company and y'all spend your time bashing it???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?? HOW FATALLY FLAWED IS THAT...?

        To Glenn's sec...take this to heart. IMSC HEARTS TSA! < that is the only mantra that will do!


    • I agree Expo's are like preaching to the choir..if you have something really good the world will beat a path to your door..but on the otherhand, most companies do go to these shows in hopes they might bag a few I guess they know what they are doing, for the most part.

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