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  • roys_neck_got_bit_by_tiger roys_neck_got_bit_by_tiger May 10, 2012 10:35 AM Flag


    because those that know, know. I am no pumper; never have been, never will. Just seems pretty logical that when EVERYONE says that we are the non-contact choice, and KNOWING the long process of certification that we are on, that would take the NEXT guy even longer to try to leapfrog us, and SEEING that the only other logical competition, SAFRAN, just lost an officer to US, all SEEMS to me that with any glaring evidence of product(S) acceptance by TSA, you are holding a 5 bagger from here. In fact, these are one of those stocks that you could multiply share volume exponentially in an equity offering knowing that Pandora's box has been open for huge volume purchases worldwide, and share price may go up from day one. Again, no pumping, just a present day thought of current situations.

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    • it would be nice to break 1.13 today...

    • Them be the facts jack...sell at your own peril and live to regret what would be for most their first "10 bagger", so is my opinion only.


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      • intendanceinvestors intendanceinvestors May 10, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

        New investors her take heed:
        only rookies care about (cents) peanuts.
        It's that it is very difficult to make any real money over the short term unless you are trading inordinately large positions. And seasoned investors know how well that turns out.
        The big money isn’t made in the day-to-day action--it’s made in the big moves.
        The big money is made on the big moves, and big moves take time.
        New buyers take heed: individual investors have a huge advantage here over biggest professionals that are left behind the curve. Many of them cannot invest in such stocks because their market cap are too small or their share prices too low, but with IMSC technology paying off, professionals can start buying it once it becomes a bigger company. So we are posed to win twice [* IMSC growing big on its own internal success ** when it really becomes a WS darling]
        It definitely means that as long as the pros keep missing IMSC, that means it has a lot FURTHER to run.
        Add if you can and SIT TIGHT.

    • a lot of the pumpers are implying that this stock is some kind of secret..this is not true..this stock is widely known..the reason this stock is in the pink sheet basement is because the market is leery of it getting TSA approval and also doubtful that it has the ability to get big orders..all it has gotten so far is penny-ante junk orders..hopefully this record will change and
      TSA approval will come..then things will change share pricewise.

    • Why don't you get off your high horse and stop pumping this stock. It is obvious to everyone on this board what your biased agenda is!

    • Me thinks you have to come up with a more intelligent bash Waterboat. You see Fred has no intention of selling anytime soon. He doesn't say positive things one minute to sell at a higher price and then say negative things the next minute to drive the price down to buy lower. We all have figured out the people here who do that.

      You are showing how dumb you are. You need to think a little more before you and your multiple id's post you BS. WE ARE NOT SELLING

    • We are lucky to be here at this starting point for IMSC. With only 33.75m shares outstanding there is also the possibility that by this time next year we may be on a different exchange with possibly a stock split. Holding long and strong for that possible 10+ bagger and buying a few more shares at the ask again.

    • ZEYNOC...My target was & still stands @ 8.00-10.00 pps after tsa approves & then orders SOON AFTER...

      I WILL buy more tomorrow(IMSC) if arna gets recommendation from fda adcom PANEL WHICH IAM FOLOWING ON MY OTHER SCREEN..




      Best to you mate..PARK.

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