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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 May 21, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    What a giant disappointment is turning out

    to be..the whole market is sharply up except for this stuck in the mud stock...all the pumpers said the CC was terrific but all we get from that CC is a selloff in the stock..the general market does not have any faith in this product or else the sp would not be decline..all the excitment and hope of the 10th is now gone and here we sit broken hearted and shaking our heads in disgust..this management team put the screws to us again..when are they ever going to do anything right????????

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    • What a giant disappointment your post was...
      Don't count me among the disgusted or broken-hearted. I am up 50% on a $50K investment. I think they are mostly doing everything right.

    • Stock dropping like a rock, based on conference call where it was revealed nothing much new in terms of long awaited TSA approvals. Everyone has gotten more than tired of waiting, and the stock price dropping today like a rock shows the truth!

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      • If you think that a BB stock dropping 5% on less than 90% average daily volume is "dropping like a rock", I think you do not know much about trading BB stocks or stocks in general.

        I guess we are all entitled to our opinions. You opine that the stock is dropping like a rock using I do not know what criteria, and I opine that you do not know what you are talking about because you have supplied no criteria or accurate facts.

        I am not tired of waiting because I see indications is the comapny that point to my current 100% profit likely growing several times by the time I get out of this stock, and I am patient.

    • We're so happy for you and wish to share our sympathy for your meager financial position and dumb tactics. It only takes a few of this kind of 'investor' to kill any rally or stock momentum and it sure kills the charts too. Guess we're stuck with this mentality until truly major news shows.

    • John, honestly, do you think your whiny repetative, boring and ludicrous post have ANY bearing on those investors here? Just buy the stock for the fair price it is now, why are you trying (and failing miserably) to convince people to sell? If you're shorting you're dumber than you sound.

      Have you thought seriously about Lithium?

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