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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Jun 19, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    The future of IMSC and its longs

    I will now lay out the future of it is: Even if IMSC is successfull in Obtaining TSA approval and getting big orders..the longs will not be rewarded like they think...the reason is that once IMSC is successful it will be bought out at a low ball price..just like FRPT and XG was. The top people in IMSC will agree to the buyout price because they will all be given big positions with the buyout company..this happens all the time...the individual stockholder will get a little premium in share price but not as much as he thought he would get..this is what is happening with the here it is in a nutshell...if IMSC is successful look for a buyout price of 2 to $3..that is if you are lucky...forget about getting $5 or higher.

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    • fox-u-r-naut---you have no idea about anything. U_R null and void. Go find out what the name of the last company was that received TSA QPL listing for an ETD device...then look at when that company submitted that device. When that happened, IMX was selling the QS100/150 to the chinese...and a few others.

      This company has had its head up its proverbial behind for 8 maybe 9 years...that changes very shortly. Its a binary event for a company 35M in debt, revs running at about 6-7M$ a year while it is hiring TOP GUNS in the industry. Can you connect those dots? Probably not, there's a spill on aisle two, they need you johnny fox. Go swab that spill and then take your cig. break.


    • Hey TD, wake up, the dream is over..even in the best case scenario, you will probably never see more than $3.50 a share for this think, $3.50 is not bad..almost four times todays price...but IMSC has proven that it knows how to lose in reality it will probably hang around the 80 to 90 cent area and then when some other company comes along and gets the TSA approval IMSC will sink back to 30 cents a share...but after saying all that..I hope you prove me wrong and we get $9 a share for it..I will then buy a nice new car, take a nice vacay and be very happy.

    • That car will be arriving in your driveway in the not too distant future Bigbudd. Looks like some people here believe we are only entitled to a a chicken in every pot. By this point, they should realize that, at IMSC, we aspire to a MUCH HIGHER level. Keep believing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The Die is getting Castier (TM PrimeH)
      So many applications.......So little time (TM RIK)

    • no nickle but all in all a good day. nice volume.

    • This scenario happened when ONT was stolen by Goof, even after two No votes by shareholders. Always possible...(insider / mgmt / BoD payoffs and jobs) ...
      You can always look for the worst case (3-5X current pps) but we as shareholders can have a strong say with our votes on how that works out.
      JF and Zel will always be the kind of investor that protects their pennies at the risk of missing the boat when it finally sails. Some of us choose the long possibilities along with their risk/rewards while you two count your pennies and probably will never possess the guts and capital to do anything but bash for rent money for your basement apt at your Mom's.

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