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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Jun 19, 2012 2:57 PM Flag

    The future of IMSC and its longs

    lol.Think of something else to make us sell John Boy. We are not listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<

    Posi, I'm not telling you to sell..all I'm saying that in a lot of other cases such as IMSC's case the shareholders got a premium but did not get as much as they thought they would because the officers of the company sold out so they could get big positions in the acquiring company

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    • but john, have you taken into account most of the new officers have left one of those possible "acquiring companies'?

    • JF---maybe you don't know who owns this company- DMRJ...they control all the plays. Luckily, for LONGS, the most they can make aligns with the most we can make.

      They can convert interest on principle at 8 cents and gradually distribute those shares into the float at a nice moderate price rise, as we have seen from 16M shares to 34M shares.

      And when good news sets up a great growth curve in sales, as TSA approval will, then DMRJ can convert principle to shares and distribute those into the appreciation curve ( an amount of shares, not all of the debt).

      So DMRJ's interest aligns with LONGS, sell along with the rapid growth in IMSC sales. This pushes the market cap up along with the share count.

      Say XYZ company comes along and says IMSC WE WANT YOU, HERE'S $3.75 A SHARE.

      DMRJ shakes their head NO...XYZ says OK, $5.50 A can say YES, but DMRJ controls the company and if they say NO, no sale.

      My bet, DMRJ says NO to any sale under $9/share, fully diluted. This aligns beautifully with LONGs...what a secondary cool event is the motivation Dr. Mc has to find a new investor to enable IMSC to grow and pay down DMRJ debt ( not the convertible debt, just the rest of the debt, which is the largest amount).

      So JF-- try again. But try to think about what is going on and about to go on. I'm guessing you might and that you will...but you'll be LATE.


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