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  • orttgt orttgt Nov 30, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    GSN 2012 Awards

    Yup....AS&E won the category per their web site. As Alfred E Newman of Mad Magazine fame said...."what me worry"!?

    Bottom line, it was a big thumbs up for this Company and product to be nominated! And this does not reflect on TSA approval.

    The only thing we longs have to put up with, and we are bigger than these manipulators. Watch "the kids in the sand box" play their games with the SP.....

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    • All this does is show that Implant isn't a scam.

      Honestly, if you were looking at the facts without a lot of knowledge you could easily say it's 50/50 on the scam meter. The fluff type PRs, approval delays, the TSA saying that Implants product is the best they've ever seen and then it not winning an award (obviously some awards are political, but you'd think the best product ever should win, right?), etc...

      However, Implant was nominated, so there is absolutely no way this is a scam. You can also add the hires as a way to prove this is no scam. I think they hype some of the hires as more important than they really are, but no one is going to leave a steady job for a scam company. Add to that the fact that some of the advisers are actually pretty credible people and you it just adds to the evidence.

      Either way, I think Implant tends to play fast and loose with their PRs and the things they choose to say (Glenn has admitted this when he said it was a mistake to predict approval for a government agency), but this nomination is certainly a validation of the product that cannot be denied. The lose is disappointing, but the nomination is the important aspect of it all.

      TSA approval will come (assuming the TSA has said anything close to the things they have been quoted as saying), no awards show or single event is going to change that or the timing of it. Let it happen when it happens and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it knowing that you stuck it out for the loooooong haul.

      Also, mobile doesn't mean vehicle. Mobile phone is an example of that.

    • If you go to the AS&E web site, you will see that the product in the category is a "mobile unit" ie. vehicle. Not a hand held device...sure they can probably sell some of these vehicles. But I like the idea of IMSC selling thousands of "handheld devices" than trying to sell something with 4-wheels and requires an oil change and other motor vehicle maintenance.

      Congrats to AS&E!

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    • can someone elaborate how ase won and imsc lost?

    • Is this selling pressure all because IMSC did not win an award they were nominated for??? Doesn't make sense. It has nothing to do with ANYTHING!!!

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