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  • whurracen whurracen Dec 16, 2012 7:00 AM Flag

    Narrowing down the time frame...

    This is our last chance of approval in 2012 this week,so very unlikely on Friday, gives em the next 4 trading days. Let's really hope the boys at TSL are working hard if it's not done we are looking at January with holidays coming up not sure that will be too good for the SP but maybe we won't have to worry about it stikes me odd that we have expected it since late summer and it's coming this week.....

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    • The fact we are still waiting, is not necessarily unexpected as missing the Dec 3rd deadline was telescoped in a CC a while back. My "Elephant in the Room" thread, which took a lot of heat, seems to be a fairly accurate projection on the timeline.

      Hopefully this will be the week, but I don't think there is any certainty to that. If we go back to the time when TSL started it's independent test, until the time they informed Implant some minor adjustment need to be performed, how long was that? After the adjustments were made to now, how long is that? One would think the secondary testing should be easier than the primary testing, assuming no additional issues were found (this is the big assumption), but then allow time for finalization of paperwork and whatever else may be needed as well.

    • What I'm wondering is- it was about a month ago they were down to a 'punchlist'. Now it seems to me with the time that past, they either finished and not saying so for some reason, or really had to go back to the drawing board. If they finished and not saying so I suppose it's plausible- after all this is the government- that it's sitting on this guy and that guy's desk (while they're on vacation) waiting for sign-off. If they had to back for redesign or updates of some kind- it would be consistent with glenns statement 'they're still working at it'.

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