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  • spottedowl2sidesandabiscuit spottedowl2sidesandabiscuit Jan 18, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Conf' call........... earnings to be reported in a few weeks.... Yahoo numbers way off

    I have been keeping a back of the envelope count of the contracts in India, Japan, Nigeria, confidential ME countries, the Bejing Olympics.......... the reported numbers seem (to me) to be significantly out of date.

    With the OSIS equipment being removed that might create another market. The news says they will be replaced with like technology.

    Long, strong and quite pleased.

    I invested huge ahead of Obama's first inauguration. GE (bid on it at $6!!!!), etc.

    stay strong.

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    • The equipment being moved and replaced is a part of the layer of defense.
      Once an object is identified as suspect and possible an explosive device they would need IMSC technology to confirm the threat so they can deal with it appropriately.

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      • That is right. There is going to be a layered approach. The xray equipment may see something suspicious, and then ETD equipment will be used to both confirm and identify the specific explosive. Xrays can't tell you what kind of explosive it is, ETD of course can tell you exactly what kind of explosive it is. That is what the QS-B220 does, I have seen it do that for my own eyes when I saw it demoed at IMSC in August when I was there.

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