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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Feb 8, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    Some big people may be keeping the sp of IMSC low so it can be acquired for $80 million plus

    debt...the debt is no problem for a big co with deep pockets.....the 80 million gives the present shareholders a 40% premium or about $1.75 a share...the SEC would find no fault in that price and the present management would all get good jobs with the acquiring company. Same way it happened over at FRPT...the small investor will get a little premium but forget about that $4 or $5 a share.

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    • same as FRPT, how many times have you repeated this story simple john?

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      • The FRPT story is important because the situations are very similar..the small shareholders in FRPT had high expectations and they were right to have them but when FRPT finally succeeded in getting big orders they were bought out at 1/3 the sp that the shareholders were looking for...the stock had drifted down from $20 to around $3 and then bought out for around $5.50...many people were very disappointed but many shareholders still did pretty good, especially the ones that bought their shares for under $1.

    • If you are concerned about a cheap buyout call Glenn. Better yet schedule a visit. I've done both and are Very satisfied with the answer I got. I must say there is nothing better than a face to face with Dr McGann as he explains his VISION for this Company.

      Of course some people who are short/ flippers or those who own pretend shares will never call Glenn. The prefer to make up things. Why would they be afraid to speak to Glenn? They have to identify themselves with their name and phone number so Glenn can call them back

      . For sure the paid bashers are told never to do this because they know that the Company's transfer agent provides them with current lists of shareholders. That's why these lowlifes always stay in the shadows, spinning the script they are given. Sorry John I know all about the services a transfer agent performs. One of my best friends worked at one in MA.

      Hold tight everyone. Don't let these people spin their script on you.

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