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  • idiotjohnfox idiotjohnfox Feb 13, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    GOOD NEWS is coming otherwise the bashing #$%$ would be gone

    remember the only way they make enough money to eat is to bash, so bash away #$%$ succking pigs, you too queen johnnie girl!

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    • That is stupid. The reason a lot of people are writing negative things about your silly company is they are telling the truth. Show me one of Mas predictions that have been proven wrong! You can't. He has been right every time about the company, and all his future predictions are correct.

      If you were smart you would listen to him, but you aren't so you won't and you are going to lose all your money that you've poured into this fantasy company of yours!

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      • 2 Replies to astcisgreat
      • If it is the truth the we accept it so vamoose, we are not interested in your comments..

        you are now in my long list if ignores 1d10t...

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      • waterbottlescrewedme waterbottlescrewedme Feb 13, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

        "Show me one post of marsavian's that has been wrong. Sure, no prob.

        1) imsc has no chance of getting Tsa approval because they don't have the tech.
        2) imsc will be under 50 cents soon. When imsc was at 72 cents and astc was at 1.25.
        3) this company has a bunch of "has beens". Dr. McGann, wnd Dr. Jones could work for anyone in the security business, chose implant.
        4) Consistently posting stupid charts that have been proven wrong every single time. Not most of the time, every single time.
        5) Got you to buy Astc at 1.15.
        Good bye. Less posting, more research. And pleas tell me your not on government assistance that allows you to post all day. I would not be suprised. If astc is as good ad you say it is you two would be buying hand over fist at the current levels. You're not, why? Saying you for have the money is an acceptable answer.

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