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  • divalebbu divalebbu Mar 7, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Posi B9 or Td correct me if I'm wrong but in budget conscience times would not the 220 be the ETD of choice?

    In the rare event gov agencies exercise frugality Two things should happen: 1) dispense with unneeded costs- ETD is hardly unneeded but the contrary- mandated at least for air-cargo. 2) reduce expense while still functioning properly. Isn't the 220 the most cost effective avenue to cover needs? I think the sa article missed these points when claiming DC's budget theatrics could delay contracts for imsc- they might do the opposite- make contracts more likely.

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      • lnsideoutsideupsidedown lnsideoutsideupsidedown Mar 17, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

        divalebbu. The 220 may be cheaper over time, but until it's deemed the current technology isn't sufficient to meet current needs, the upfront cost of replacing everything with a 220 isn't necessarily a cheaper option. To replace an adequate car currently worth $5,000 getting 25mpg with a $30,000 car getting 35mpg, doesn't usually make economic sense. But the TSA may not be looking to save money in all areas of the business and they may deem the quicker clear down as a needed benefit, where economics aren't as important. It's my guess they will add and replace at the same time. But for sake of argument and since budget concerns are at the forefront, If they go the economic route, they'd probably add B220s where new ETDs are needed but keep existing ETD devices that are still functional.. then replace old with new as their serviceable lifetime is deemed complete...which may be when they fall off the TSA approved list.

    • Yes you are right Divalebbu. In budget conscience times they look for the product that gives the most bang for their buck to solve the problem. This is how new technology comes to the arena. You see it with the drone technology now. Several years ago it was unheard of . When the budget was cut and limited amouts were available for bomber technology, the drone technology took off. Same with the robot technology. Both these saved a lot of money and saved lives lost.

      To give you an example, our ETD technology came be purchased in the realm of 60K and less. The EDS technology runs in the range of 150K to 200K . Now if your budget is cut , which purchase would you delay the 60K purchase or the 150 to 200K purchase and which one would you sign on to? Stands to reason in these times our technology will take off and soar above the other alternatives.

      There has been no budget produced in how many years now .....yet spending did not come to a virtual halt. This is a cutback in the amount of money spent by every agency not a call to action to stop protecting the nation . Looking back on this time in the future, I believe we will be able to point to this crisis as the catapault of our technology to its prominence.

      Keep the faith and keep accumulating.

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      • Diva-Posi---right now the passenger ETD layer uses competitor's swab units...and cargo2passenger rolls on the passenger baggage conveyor for X-ray.
        ETD for passenger is used for randomly selected passengers AND for X-ray / pat down objectors.
        The current ETD gear is NOT state of the art or current standard. We are. But our suggested product is the 220, a swab expendible cost too. But it finds more, is easier to use, can thru put more, has no nuke material so its much more efficient in terms of finding trace/minute.

        TSA has stated they will replace/replenish/update the ETD layer...that means IMSC, IMO.

        We need a conveyor product. We need a portal product. A new-multi-mode portal that performed like a champ would be greatly embraced but the key word is CHAMP...the old portals were warehoused so it would really take a huge performance leap for TSA to go there again, IMO.

        I firmly believe that TSA uses IMSC 220's before July 1st. That's a S-WAG...but Glenn believes sometime in its not that much of an S-WAG.

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