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  • browningbound browningbound Mar 12, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Good GSN Article - IMSC such a STRONG BUY

    Read carefully doubters.

    Sniffer technology ready to go for other missions the TSA has. Just like the QS-B220 was adapted to meet the cargo detection need of the TSA at this time, the tech. will morph into whatever else is needed... The TSA lab is already familiar with the technology, and they likey... The technology we have patented.

    We're just getting going here. DMRJ has shown twice the confidence they have in the past, and are aligning themselves with us, the long-term shareholders.

    Parabolic baby!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The technology is to be employed in ground transportation systems...buses, subways, nautical transport

    • BB---its great press...the entire security-buying world reads that pub. Once we hit that first big 220 sale, it will let loose a cascade of sales.

      Here's what I think is going on with potential buyers....
      1. They realize they need ETD screening immediately and became aware of IMSC's 220 months ago...but they didn't pay close attention UNTIL TSA cert.'d the 220

      2. Now they are realizing that other ETD products have a short use fuse...remember, we are NOT losing ETD sales to anyone. They are researching TSA cert. deadlines and coming back to the conclusion- I MUST BUY IMSC'S 220.

      3. They look at our pricing sheet and can't believe how reasonable the 220 is in quantity and with a very high quality yet low cost of ownership feature set plus, no NUKE permits required...they scratch their heads...didn't somebody miss print the pricing sheet? They call up and pretend to want just 1 unit and ask for a cold quote...they get one...ask to be put on hold...jump up on their desk and yell HECK YESSSS!...then back on the phone they order 23 units.

      4. The buyer gets a promotion and refers 3 or 4 other potential buyers to Implant.

      5. Glenn drops a 1:29PM PR into the market and the phone order deluge begins.



      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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