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  • rikrichter2001 rikrichter2001 Mar 19, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

    CNN Breaking News

    House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers: There is a "high probability" Syria used chemical weapons on opposition forces.

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    • Let me get this straight.. you would rather have WW3 than lose a few cents on this trade -- is that the jist of your Breaking News comment? And for that brilliant spew you have a few other Idgits recommending your post...UFB!!

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      • omg I can't believe what a jerk luke is. This is the scourge on message boards- delinquents like this. The product is an etd but we cant talk about it's possible applications according to him/her.

      • He is just posting world events that could result in sales of Implant devices. All here don't hope for bad events but many expect them to happen.

        I expect Iran will be taken out and during those events they will probably be a little more belligerent against American intererests than Sadam's Irag was. Iran's reach is much much wider than Iraq's.

        People may think the world was a more dangerous place when RINO's were in charge but with Obama creating extreme political uncertainty in the MIddle East in the interests of focusing extremist hatred - in the Middle East - it could be just the opposite. Many more weapons of a wider variety are on the loose now.

        All the signs are that the U.S is preparing to take out Iran and preparing for Iranian or Hezzie terrorist problems inside the U.S. The plan may also include North Korea and Pakistan. Religious or military extremists of any kind can't be allowed nukes - period.

        Just little Syria is bad enough. But what about Syria, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan at nearly the same time?

        One other thing. Why do you suppose the Amercian Chinese voted for Obama in larger numbers than Black Americans? More than 95%. That is because they did not like the way that Mitt Romney showed just a little courage against loan sharking China.

        If we go after North Korea and we get in a bit of a tussle with China don't you think we will start having issues with at least a tiny percentage of Chinese in the U.S? This "tiny" percentage are just those that are beholden to their Motherland which is probably around 10%.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • WW3???

        You sure are a drama Queen. You must be from Pompino Beach too?

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