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  • dolphinswin02 dolphinswin02 Mar 24, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Just some simple math and going off of what execs have said.

    Trace detection is a 1 billion dollar market worldwide. Implant has said it would be happy with 10 to 20 % of that market. So low side of that is roughly 100 mill. rough guess at 10 X earnings puts it at 10 a share. But could be much more as debt is paid down, and R&D expenses go down, if they go down. If implant gets into more systems, larger systems. these numbers will go up. With growth goes the multiple as well. 20 times earning at a $2 Proft per share would be pretty darn sweet. I am using low numbers because I am not sure what the company costs will be.
    In time Implants technology very well may be the standard to use on all screening devices for trace detection regardless of the manufacturer. If this happens even the small investors like myself will make a Frock ton of money. ( if we hold on) .
    Very short term I am a little worried about this quarter. We have very little sales this quarter. Will they announce a big sale this week? Will they wait till their earnings conference call? And then drop a bomb after hours? This is were being on this OTC board sucks because I can not hedge my position with any options. And I dont care who you are nobody wants to lose money. . And a bad quarter could send us down under a dollar short term. Of course long term would not be so bad as it would allow me to increse my position by 50%. So is all I can really do logically is hold on and if it dives and I am able to secure the fund I think I can then I will buy more. Implant is suppose to become profitable this calender year.
    Glenn said the fuse was lit and the countdown has begun on the rocket. Just feel like the launch has been postponed.
    Not pumping or bashing here, just stating My most humble of opinions.

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    • Yes, it may go down but will go back up. Everything is in alignment- a rare circumstance for junior companies. Anyone that claims 'their' stock can't go down has their head where the sun don't shine.
      I'm not worried.

    • There is no other technology in this sector that can match Implants. A competitor would need to re engineer it, patent it, then have it vetted by TSA. As we have painfully experienced here, it's not a quick process. One of Glenn's defining characteristics is underpromise/overdeliver. 10-20% of a market where there is no direct competition,or any other approved tech?. Think globally

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      • 1 Reply to fauxpaws6
      • Faux--one way to reevaluate IMSC, we now own 100% of 42% ( USA) of the entire ETD available market...AND...that 42% influences another 40% ( at least) of which company you send an RFP to.

        And as you pointed out, we passed the most stringent of tests with a well defined set of specs. Now, who else can do that? When, if ever, will they match our results?

        See, this is why Glenn is a Master of the ETD Universe ( ok, he's not in the band, but he's managing the band). He projected a TSA CERT. for the 220 and built out the infrastructure to sell-produce-develop follow ons to take advantage of that cert. That's Tenacious G!

        But recently the TSA had it 's head handed to them and now they are moving quickly to adjust. It may not look like it from the outside, but my WAG is they are about to move very fast with new purchases and new testing. And guess who their #1 dance partner is--IMSC!!

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    • ctruman Mar 24, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

      I think you are confusing earnings with revenues. Revenues of 100mil is not earnings of 100 mil. You have to subtract costs.

      If we sell $100 million, we do not earn $100 million.

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