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  • malcolm10th malcolm10th Jun 9, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    Please Elaborate on Drop Dead Date for Morpho/Smith Certs

    I apologize for some ignorance on the subject, but tomorrow (Monday) is 6/10/13. What dates in June 2013 and/or January 2014 are applicable for Morpho/Smith to put up or shut up?

    Also please elaborate on the most positive result possible for Implant. Depending on answer, will drop a load tomorrow,...... and I am not using a "Cheech and Chong metaphor about pinching a loaf"

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    • ctruman Jun 10, 2013 9:36 PM Flag


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    • 12 letters.....

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    • Wow, must have hit a sensitive nerve or something! ...Maybe it is a sign the Morpho/Smith crew are indeed involved in running down Implant. ...Never would have believed desperation could sink so low.

      Anyway, looking forward to the time we can have real discussions on this board again.

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      • 2 Replies to malcolm10th
      • agree 100% I must apologize for my sarcastic remarks. Let's get back to informative posts about a co. with a great future. Thanks for your informative posts.

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      • I think if Morpho/Smith were involved they would bash more intelligently. But I also look forward to a time the board isn't cluttered with nonsense posts, and real discussion can be had again. It is too bad what this board has degenerated into. Someone(s) out there have a real hatred of imsc for whatever reason, and sure seem to be expending an awful lot of time and energy on here posting nonsense. Their goal obviously is to cause this board to be completely useless and make it worthless for anyone interested in imsc to even attempt to read.

    • I only want to deal in facts here. On June 13 Morpho Detection's Vapor Trace II (Particle Mode Only) device expires. Also on June 13 Smiths Detection's Sabre 400 (Particle Mode Only) device expires. To me another relevant fact in this is the QS-B220 is the only device the TSA has approved that meets the new 2012 TSA specifications which are a lot more rigorous than the older specs the rest of the devices were tested and approved under. Finally, there are more devices expiring on January 1 of course. I would make an educated guess that both Morpho and Smiths are trying to get devices approved to get new devices on the list.

      Anyway whoever is using the devices that expire on June 13 obviously will have to replace them. It does not make sense to me to replace them with a device expiring on January 1 - that would seem not to be a smart business decision.

      That's my take on the current expiration dates off the latest TSA approval list.

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    • ctruman Jun 9, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

      look up and read the article from the post entitled "American Airlines Clarification of the new TSA Air Cargo qualified Product list". All the info is in the original article, on AA cargo website.

      Most positive result is almost unimaginably good--that Smith and Morpho will be unable to get any machines to pass the new TSA standards, and come Jan. 1, we have the only certified ETD machine available. Monopoly.

      Even if they do get re-certified, their machines are outdated, slow, and dangerous to users.

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    • Really............I would suggest saving your money and think about buying when this company proves themselves with their balance sheet. There will be AMPLE opportunity to buy in at a reasonable price (or more than what you have) in time. You should be a patient BUYER, not HOLDER.

      DEAD MONEY until the aforementioned materializes or not. Based on the pace of this company, go get your Doctorate and then come back and check in. We should't be much further along based on the Meatball runin the joint.

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